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Why choose Sage 50 over QuickBooks?

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Why choose Sage 50 over QuickBooks?

This is my personal opinion. Because everyone is told that QuickBooks is easier to use than Sage 50, they believe that they can purchase the program and they can use it without any accounting knowledge. I am a witness to this fallacy. If you are expecting a good outcome of your accounting data, you MUST have accounting knowledge when setting it up! No matter what program you are using. If you don’t set up the backbone of the program, (Chart of Accounts) it is no better than putting your receipts in a shoe box and taking them to your accountant. In fact, that would probably be a better choice and it would cost you less money in the long run.

So with that being said. The number one reason I like Sage 50 better than any other small to midsize business software is because Sage 50 gives you charts to choose from that match your industry. Unfortunately, QB does not even require a chart of accounts. That is probably why I see sales tax in with the expense accounts. (Sales tax is not an expense, it is a liability. You collect it from your customer and pay it to the state. It is a pass through.)

Also, you cannot switch back and forth between Cash and Accrual Accounting. Once you declare one or the other with the IRS, you must continue to file your tax return in the same manner, EVERY year, unless you petition the IRS for a modification. These two items are set up when you create your company in Sage 50 giving you a strong foundation to grow on.

Here are a few other reasons:

  • Best Small to Midsize Accounting Solution: Sage 50 supports up to 99 companies! The Quantum Accounting edition offers more industry-specific functionality and supports up to 40 users. 
  • Still a Desktop Accounting Solution: With Sage 50 is installed on a desktop computer. YOU CAN TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BUSINESS! You can add the Sage 50Cloud module or host your data if you need to access data from anywhere.  When you want to terminate your plan, (retire) the data resides on your computer. You are no longer required to pay ongoing support fees to maintain your transactions!  (Once you quit paying for online services, the data will disappear!)  
  • Assembly Revision History: All assemblies maintain a revision history. This is a great feature. Other software solutions do offer assembly revisions, but no revision history is kept.  
  • Breaking the Bank Reconciliation: It’s nice in Sage that you can go back and re-reconcile as of the original date.  You do not have to undo back to that date, or just re-reconcile with the current reconciliation. Sage also keeps the date reconciled with the transaction which can be helpful in troubleshooting sometimes.  
  • Project Accounting: Sage 50 Quantum has excellent Job costing features. With Sage 50 you can create projects, assign project costs, and prepare budget-to-actual comparisons for monitoring. 
  • Multi-company Accounting: Sage 50 is a good choice for consolidating multiple companies. You can generate consolidated financial statements, and Sage 50 will take care of inter-company accounts and transactions.  
  • Comprehensive Financial Statements: Many Canned Statements to choose from. Your company is either set up as Cash Basis or Accrual Basis with the IRS. You cannot change back and forth unless you petition the IRS and ask them if you may. Your reports are always in the same format. You can drill down on the statements, and it will take you back to the source documents where you can modify accounts if necessary.   
  • Robust Inventory System:  If you oversell your inventory item, Sage 50 will use the current cost of sales in the system to capture the cost. When you purchase the items to fill the order at a higher price, the software will make a system cost adjustment to the cost of sales to compensate for the difference in price. FYI, the most popular software does NOT do that.  You lose out on the entire cost of the item being posted in your software. You get no cost! 
  • File Size: There is NO LIMIT!   
  • Software Support: Unlimited Sage Support Located in Atlanta, GA (Not overseas)
  • Double Entry Accounting:  This keeps your General Ledger in Balance.  QB also has this but it automatically assigns an account if you don’t and your accountant has to reclassify all of the entries before filing your return. This just costs you more money.
  • If you choose to try Sage 50 and find it is not the best choice for your company, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

We offer FREE demos. Before you make the jump, we will show you what we have to offer.

No high-pressure sales pitch.  Look at the ratings on our website. 

Honesty and integrity are important to us.  We want to be your Sage advocate. Your support is with Sage, we just enhance it!

Please contact us if you would like more information.  

Call: 304-233-2612 or email:    

Shirley Byard, Sage 50 Master Certified Consultant   

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