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XLGL Report Solution Add-on

XLGL Addon

Introducing XLGL Reports Solution-Familiar Spreadsheet, Stunning Reports

Build visually appealing reports while fetching raw data quickly and in a manner accessible to everyone with Logicim XLGL, a Microsoft Excel add-in. With an amazing query engine and summarizing functions that are both familiar and powerful, XLGL is the perfect reporting tool for small and medium businesses.

A XLGL license is perpetual, meaning you can use the software you purchase with no time limit and not additional cost. We also include all updates and upgrades for 1 year.

XLGL Features

  • Data Access-Access all data from any Sage 50 company file, all version, all editions. Connect to a single company at a time or report for multiple companies.
  • Reports- Includes 31 ready-to-use reports. Modify them or create your own using Excel and XLGL specialized tools. Keep data up-to-date with the click of a button. Drilldown on figures for extended information. Easily hide rows or columns with zero values.
  • Share- Freeze a copy of your dynamic report and send it to anyone


  • Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 11 or Windows Terminal Server (2012 and above)
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher
  • Sage 50 US or Canadian Edition (2021 and above)


XLGL Personal Edition-Install on up to 2 computers $399

Volume Licensing

  • 3-9 installations –$190 per installation
  • 10-19 installations –$180 per installation
  • 20 plus installations-$170 per installation

XLGL Support Plans

  • 120 Minutes-$299.00
  • 5 hours-$699.00
  • Trial Balance -Standard Trial Balance.
  • Balance Sheet -Standard Balance Sheet.
  • Comparative Balance Sheet -Monthly, Quaterly and Yearly Comparative Balance Sheets.
  • Income Statement -Standard Income Statement.
  • Comparative Income Statement -Monthly, Quaterly and Yearly Comparative Income Statements.
  • Income Statement with Budgets– Income Statement with budget and variance.
  • Cash Flow– Cash Flow Statement.
  • General Ledger -General Ledger Report.
  • Experimental- A set of financial reports using experimental feature. These reports provide drilldown capabilities. Try them and let us know how they work for you. These reports are limited the to 3 financial reporting years set in Sage 50.
Accounts Receivable
  • Aged Receivable -Customers with aging invoice, including payment transactions.
  • Invoice Log -Invoice log.
  • Sales Report– Sample Sales Report.
  • Sales Analysis -Quantity, average unit cost, amount and gross profit of item sales.
  • Commission Report– Simple commission report with options for commission % and whether to pay by invoice amount or paid amount.
Accounts Payable
  • Aged Payable -Vendors with aging invoice, including payment transactions.
  • Invoice Log– Invoice log.
  • Purchase Analysis -Total quantity and amount of items purchased from vendors for a selected date range.
  • Purchase Dashboard– Total quantity and amount of items purchased from vendors for a selected date range.
Employees & Payroll
  • Employee Compensation– The Employee Compensation Report provides an overview of the compensation and benefits awarded to employees.
  • Payroll Register– Payroll register.
  • Payroll Check Register– Payroll checks.
  • Vacation and Sick Time– Employees Vacation and Sick Time.
  • Inventory Analysis– Item cost and quantity information for a selected date range.
  • Inventory Aging -This report produces a number of metrics associated with Inventory Aging.
  • Inventory Assemblies– on Order Inventory assemblies currently on order.
  • Items Sold to Customers by Location– Items sold to customers organized by Location. Includes a Dashboard of top Locations and Customers.
  • Inventory on Hand– Analysis Inventory on hand analysis report with breakdown and charts.
  • Inventory Profitability– Inventory Profitability report.
  • Inventory Stock Status– Inventory Stock Status report.
  • Item List– Item List
  • Job Ledger -Ledger report grouped by Job.
  • Job Profitability– This report helps in analyzing the profitability of Jobs.
  • Job Register– Job Register Report.
  • Job Retainage– Receivable and Payable retainage on Jobs.
  • Unbilled Job Expense -Unbilled Job Expense.
Intelligence Reporting Transition-A set of reports duplicating the functionnalities from Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting.


  • Dashboard Analysis 1-0– Graphical summary of aggregated Key Performance Indicators such as profit and loss summary, top 5 expenses, top 5 customers, top 5 products etc which are broken up into 2 distinct layouts. The Dashboard layout reflects primarily current period values and the Dashboard YTD layout displays YTD amounts.


  • Inventory Analysis 1-1– Item cost and quantity information for a selected date range.


  • Purchase Analysis 1-1 -Total quantity and amount of items purchased from vendors for a selected date range.


  • Sales Analysis 1-4– Quantity, average unit cost, amount and gross profit of item sales.

Can I use the software I purchased forever?Yes. All of our software licenses are perpetual, meaning you can use the software you purchased forever at no additional cost, in the environment it was built for.

What if your release a new version of the software-Don’t I need an upgrade? All upgrades for one year are included in your purchase, so you do not have to pay for any upgrade in that period. After the first year, you can renew the update service for an additional year at any time.

What is the renewal cost? Note All Software licenses are perpetual!  However, you may renew to get the latest updates & features. The renewal cost for XLGL Personal Edition is 199$. This is a renewal of the update service included with the initial purchase. It gives you access to newer version of the software. The cost to renew more than two licenses is $199 plus an additional $50 per license. 

Moving from Sage Intelligence

Can I use my Sage Intelligence Report with XLGL? No. However, it may be possible to take the existing report template and adapt it to XLGL.

Support plan and services

What is the cost associated with the first consultation? Your first consultation is free of charge.

Do the optional support plans expire?Support plans are actually blocks of hours. They do not expire and do not need to be renewed. When the time is all used up, you simply buy a new one.

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