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Do you backup your data?

FACT: 58 percent of small businesses are NOT prepared for data loss.

Data Backup

Small businesses are actually targeted in cyber-attacks because most small businesses don’t think anyone would really want their information. So, they don’t use current technology to protect themselves and they have older computers with old MS Windows programs that are no longer supported by Microsoft. This is a gateway for any hacker.

Let’s face it, if you knew for sure something bad was going to happen, you would protect yourself. Unfortunately, natural disasters, computer hard drive failures or computer invasions don’t notify you before they happen.

I bet you think you are not in the 58%.  Your local IT person took care of that right?  I have heard that before.  Since I have been in business, I have seen total loss of data too many times. I have seen several ransomware attacks, crypto virus attacks, fires, floods, tornados and just flat out hard drive failures. Interesting enough, these people were, for the most part, backing up their data. They thought they were protected, but they failed to check the backups, did not rotate the backup device, failed to remove the backup from the premises when the flood, fire or tornado rampaged through their office, and did not anticipate the lock on the fire proof cabinet was not also fireproof! In all these situations, these people had to start over from scratch to rebuild their company data so they could file a simple tax return.

I know, you think you’ve got this under control.  So did those other 58% of small businesses.  If they had only used Enveloc they would have been able to purchase a new computer and restore their data within days.

All you need is Enveloc. They have you covered. They will work with you to set up the backup and help you determine what is important. Enveloc provides the safest, easiest, reliable, & cost effective computer data back up on the market today.

Features that set Enveloc apart include:
– On-site + Off-site storage options
– 365 day file history restoration
– Monitored backup
– Overnight restoration
– HIPPAA compliant-client side encryption
– DiskAppear-protect local USB drives against corruption by Ransomware
– SOC2 Type II Certified
– Outstanding customer service

For more information:

Call  304-233-2612  or email



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