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Don’t Let Hackers Hold Your Data Hostage

Online backup services can place your data in the cloud to protect you it when disasters or a hacker strikes.

80% of small businesses do not have a cyber security plan. Do You?  You may be thinking that cyber attacks and ransom request only happen to the “big guys”.  Hackers do not discriminate. Best Business Strategies receives phone calls with horror stories from small businesses everyday.  A remote backup service will give you peace of mind knowing that your data is always safe & secure.

What is the best cyber security? We think it is Enveloc!

Enveloc’s remote off-site backup solution  provides the most reliable, and cost effective data backup on the market today. Your data is backed up AUTOMATICALLY so that you never have to worry about loss of data.

How Enveloc Azure works

Advantages of using Enveloc

  • Universal – Enveloc Remote Backup will run on any Microsoft Windows® OS – servers or workstations
  • Secure -256-bit AES Encryption and remote, redundant servers provide best in class data security
  • Automatic – backups occur automatically without risk of human error or forgetfulness
  • Expedited – initial backups and restorations can be sent on media at no charge.
  • Flexibility and Scalability – storage and bandwidth are of no concern
  • Functionality – backups are easily customized to fit your needs and reduce total overall storage costs
  • Brick-level Exchange Backup – backup and restore at the item level (messages, contacts, etc.)
  • Open File Access – back up vital files and applications without interrupting critical business functions
  • Disaster Recovery Capabilities – always live, 24/7 technical support ensures speed and reliability for complete and total restoration within minutes of discovery of any data loss or failure
  • Drive Imaging – keep one or more local copies of a fully functional drive image which may be attached to the original computer or restored to new hardware in minutes.
  • Enveloc Remote Backup features daily backup verification and audits, as well as immediate, around the clock professional assistance from technical experts who appreciate the significance of your data.

    Are you ready to move forward with the BEST cyber security system?  Click Here To Get Started

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