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Backing Up Your Data is the Best Defense Against Ransomware


Use Enveloc Backup Service to Protect Your Data from Ransomware

I hope that you never become the victim of a security breach. However, no computer or business is immune to compromise. Thus, being prepared goes a long way in helping to protect your clients and yourself.

Enveloc defeats Ransomware attacks with their software and their SeePort High Capacity Storage Array — a system that provides an immediate copy of drives, folders, and files. This cost-effective system provides backups five days deep — all safely hidden from an attacker. Using their DiskAppear™ technology, if an attack occurs during backup, the previous four-day backups are immediately available. At the same time, your critical files are stored offsite. Furthermore, should a catastrophic event such as a tornado, flood, or fire destroy your local backups, Enveloc safely secures remote copies.

Is your organization ready to defend against Ransomware?

Let Enveloc help with your preparedness.

Retail Pricing: SeePort (Model 4600 with 6, 4 TB drives) $2,699

Offsite Storage:

Small Server (< 500gb) $10 / month per server plus $.35/gb

Large Server (> 500gb) $250 / month includes 1 TB; $25 / month / additional 100gb

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Additional Information:

IRS Resource Guide on creating a data security plan

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