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What’s new in Sage 50 2023?

What's New in 2023

In Sage 50 2023

What’s new in Sage 50 2023 you ask?

A lot! The most beneficial will be the upgrade to Actian Zen v15.1 Database and Windows 11 compatibility.

Here are some of the improvements Sage has made:

Actian Zen v15.1 Database

We’ve updated the Sage 50 database to Actian Zen
v15.1 to keep your business supported and running
smoothly. You’ll see enhanced performance and more
stability with this reliable and low-maintenance database
management system. Earlier versions of the Actian Zen
database engine are now out-of-date and unsupported,
which can introduce new risks and interrupt your daily
business activities.

Windows 11 compatibility

Whether you plan to install on a new system or update
your current one, Sage 50 Accounting—U.S. Edition
2023.0 is up to date. Security is a top priority to keep
your data safe and reduce downtime.
Visit System Requirements for more information.

What’s new in Sage 50 2023 you ask?

Sage 50 help and support

With modernization and familiarity in mind, Sage 50
Help now runs with your preferred browser in a search-
engine-friendly format. You can also benefit by
bookmarking articles you would like to reference later or
by sharing information with others through social sharing
Need quick access to support? You can also add a
shortcut to support resources on your desktop when
installing. No more wondering if you are in the right
place. It’s the real Sage.

efile via Aatrix

Looking only to efile? You can now add efiling to your
plan so you can access Aatrix within Sage 50 and efile
1099/1096 tax forms without having to navigate outside
the product itself. 1

1099 forms

Sage is committed to keeping up with regulations to
deliver the right solutions at the right time. All customers
with an active plan can now access 1099/1096 tax forms
via Aatrix to remain compliant with the newest updates. 2

New logo, program icon, and colors

You’ll notice a refreshed Sage 50 program icon and a
newly unveiled brilliant green Sage logo in the program
itself. The color palette includes an emphasis on
brilliant green, black and white, in keeping with the Sage
identity that focuses on simplicity and insight.


Sage Intelligence Reporting Desktop Effective October 1, 2022, Sage Intelligence Reporting has been retired and removed from the Sage 50 Accounting—U.S. Edition portfolio.  It has been replaced by a 3rd party product Logicm XLGL. Click here for a free trial and more information.

Internet Explorer Sage removed any program dependencies to ensure you are operating in a more secure environment.

1 You need a service plan that includes access to efiling.
2 You need a service plan that includes access to 1099 and 1096 tax forms via Aatrix.


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