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Sage 50 US Version 2024.0 Release Notes

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In 2024.0, we have focused on some of your top requests related to employee management and employee self-service.

Sage HR integration for employee self-service

To continue our investment in our cloud-connected solutions, we have integrated Sage 50 with our Sage HR solution to enhance your payroll experience. This is available to those who have a Sage 50 cloud-connected subscription with payroll. After you download and install 2024.0, you can connect your business to Sage HR.

The Sage HR features include:

  • Employee record sync:  Sync your employee records with Sage HR so employees can self-serve and manage their information from anywhere.
  • Easy-to-download paystubs:  Save time from HR administrative work and empower your employees to access and download their paystubs.
  • Mobile App:  Encourage your employees to use the mobile app for easy access from anywhere while they are on the go.

In addition to the new features and improvements, as always at Sage, data security is our top priority. Rest assured we have the right team to help identify and mitigate any concerns. To ensure you stay in compliance and receive all these updates, download the most current version of Sage 50.

In case you missed it,

  • End of perpetual licenses:  As a reminder in previous communications, you are no longer able to renew your perpetual licenses with the support period past September 30, 2023. For those who have renewed prior to that date you are now on your last renewal.
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol:  The following only applies to you if you are using Sage 50 versions 2020.1 and earlier. These versions utilize an unsupported third-party component in which newer versions do not rely on. After September 30, 2023, you will no longer be able to reinstall and reactivate release 2020.1 or earlier. Upgrade to the 2024.0 release to avoid disruption to your business.
  • Important reminder:  Effective March 6, 2024, support will end for Sage 50-U.S. Edition 2023 to keep you in compliance with the latest technology and operating systems. So, be sure to upgrade to the 2024.0 release now!

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Honesty and integrity are important to us.  We want to be your Sage advocate. Your support is with Sage, we just enhance it!

Please contact us if you would like more information.  

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Shirley Byard, Sage 50 Master Certified Consultant   

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