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Intro to Act! Premium v25

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What’s New in V25?

Act! v25 gives your business effectiveness a boost with richer insights, better communication, and enhanced usability.

Richer Insights

Act! v25 introduces an advanced dashboard builder to Act! Insight, which allows users to quickly create custom analytics dashboards to visualize more of their data, gain meaningful insights, and react quickly to changing business conditions.

Advanced Dashboard Builder
Richer Insights -Advanced Dashboard Builder

Enhanced Usability

Act! v25 includes several Act! Marketing Automation and Act! Companion enhancements to improve performance and usability, including new campaign dashboard options, suppression list filters, campaign list sorting, mobile app accessibility, opportunity filtering, and more.

Act Marketing Automation
Enhanced Usability -Act! Marketing Automation

Better Communication

Extend your reach and stay top of mind with prospects and customers with SMS4Act!. SMS4Act! allows users to send ad-hoc text messages without needing to create a full-fledged marketing campaign. Text messages can be sent for virtually any occasion, personalized, and saved as templates for future use.

SMS Text Messaging
Better Communication -SMS Text Messaging

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