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Act! Custom Table Add-on


Price: $10.00/per user/month (Billed Annually)

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Maintain detailed, industry specific data like insurance policies, service contracts, mortgages, or projects in an unlimited number of tables with spreadsheet-like functionality, embedded in Act!

Associate individual table entries to Act! Contacts, Companies, groups, for easy reference.

Benefit from the power of CRM to action on the data you keep in Custom Tables-schedule activities, send follow up emails, & more.

Search and view roll-up data in filterable, aggregate list views for things like all projects or all service contracts or view highly specialized information like the details of an individual project or service contract for a particular contact.

Get started with numerous out-of-the box templates for Consulting, Event Planning, Insurance, Loans, Mortgage, Product Inventory, Projects, Realty, Service, Software, and Support-all included in the Industry Template Library.


Number of Users

1 User/annually, 2 User/annually, 3 User/annually, 4 User/annually, 5 User/annually, 6 User/annually, 7 User/annually, 8 User/annually, 9 User/annually, 10 User/annually

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