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Sage 50 Release Overviews 2012-2024

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Important Info!

In the past, the features listed below have been included with Sage 50 software. However, the features listed below are NOW considered stand alone products and must be purchased separately :

  • Sage Fixed Assets
  • Payroll
  • UPS Shipping Integration

Sage will retire and no longer support Sage Intelligence Reporting for Sage 50 US after September 30, 2022.Click here for new solution

All Videos courtesy of Sage Group plc or its licensors. Unauthorized use is not permitted.

The Sage 50 US Version 2024.0 Upgrade was released on October 16, 2023

Please click on videos below.

What's New in 2024 Youtube
Intro to Sage 50 Integration Youtube
Employee Self Service Setup

What’s new ?

  • Sage 50cloud is now named Sage 50 Accounting
  • Sage HR integration with Sage 50 (available to cloud-connected payroll subscribers)
  • Maintenance and security updates

Sage HR integration for employee self-service

Free your time by skipping manual HR tasks while also keeping employee records organized and Secure!

To continue our investment in our cloud-connected solutions, we have integrated Sage 50 with our Sage HR solution to enhance your payroll experience. This is available to those with a Sage 50 cloud-connected subscription with payroll. After you download and install 2024.0, you can connect your business to Sage HR.

The Sage HR features include:

  • Employee record sync: Sync your employee records with Sage HR so employees can self-serve and manage their information from anywhere.
  • Easy-to-download: Save time from HR administrative work and empower your employees to access and download their paystubs.
  • Mobile App: Encourage your employees to use the mobile app for easy access from anywhere while they’re on the go.

Maintenace & Security Updates

  • According to the system requirements: Beginning with Sage 50 US release 2024.0 Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 Standard, and Windows Server 2012 R2 are no longer compatible operating systems.
  • If you are still on a perpetual license, version 2024 is the last upgrade you will receive as part of your business care plan. A subscription license will be the only option for all future renewals.
  • Version 2023 will be supported until March 6th, 2024.

Check out our comprehensive list of Sage 50 “Peachtree” changes and improvements from 2013-Present!

Sage 50 2023

Sage 50 Accounting—U.S. Edition
(Release 2023.0)

This product update covers all product solutions of Sage 50 Accounting and Sage 50cloud Accounting (Release 2023.0) and includes the updates from previous releases.

What’s new and product improvements

Improvements for Sage 50

Applies to Sage 50 Pro, Premium, & Quantum

  • efile via Aatrix-Looking only to efile? You can now add efiling to your plan so you can access Aatrix within Sage 50 and efile 1099/1096 tax forms without having to navigate outside the product itself. 1
  • 1099 forms-Sage is committed to keeping up with regulations to deliver the right solutions at the right time. All customers
    with an active plan can now access 1099/1096 tax forms via Aatrix to remain compliant with the newest updates. 2
  • Windows 11 compatibility-Whether you plan to install on a new system or update your current one, Sage 50 Accounting—U.S. Edition 2023.0 is up to date. Security is a top priority to keep your data safe and reduce downtime.
  • Actian Zen v15.1 Database-We’ve updated the Sage 50 database to Actian Zenv15.1 to keep your business supported and running smoothly. You’ll see enhanced performance and more stability with this reliable and low-maintenance database
    management system. Earlier versions of the Actian Zen database engine are now out-of-date and unsupported,
    which can introduce new risks and interrupt your daily business activities.

We’re here to help you

Sage 50 help and support-With modernization and familiarity in mind, Sage 50
Help now runs with your preferred browser in a searchengine friendly format. You can also benefit by bookmarking articles you would like to reference later or by sharing information with others through social sharing options. Need quick access to support? You can also add a shortcut to support resources on your desktop when installing. No more wondering if you are in the right place.

Sage Brand – Refreshed look and feel

  • New logo, program icon, and colours-You’ll notice a refreshed Sage 50 program icon and a newly unveiled brilliant green Sage logo in the program itself. The colour palette includes an emphasis on brilliant green, black and white, in keeping with the Sage identity that focuses on simplicity and insight.
  • Field help has a new look-Get clarity on tasks in your Sage 50 solution with collapsible field help. In various windows, slide open the new “Field help” to see how each field is defined and view examples in a simplified format.

Watch the videos below to learn more about Sage 50 2023!

All Videos courtesy of Sage Group plc or its licensors. Unauthorized use is not permitted.

What's new Youtube ideo
watch the Sage-w2 YouTube video
Sage 50 2022

Check out what’s new & improved in release 2022.0

Videos courtesy of Sage Group plc or its licensors. Unauthorized use is not permitted.

Watch Sage 50 2022 YouTube video
What's New in Sage 50 2022 RE FMLA Video

Support for State Paid Family and Medical Leave (Traditional & Cloud)-In 2020, the federal government implemented a temporary Paid Family Leave program under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act as part of COVID-19 support programs. Some states have adopted their own permanent Paid Family Leave programs to help cover costs incurred due to current and future medical issues. These states include Connecticut, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Washington, with additional states coming in future releases.

With this release, Sage develped new functionality that allows for this new withholding as part of other state taxes withheld. Expanding the fields are now available to accommodate state specific family leave withholding, both for the current states as well as allow us to include additional states in the future. For a simple experience, when setting up a new company, users can select a Family Leave state during the Payroll Setup Wizard to populate new Family Leave withholding fields for both emploee and employer. This process will setup the new Sage maintained payroll formulas to calculate each states specific withholding amounts.

Improved Banking Service Experience- (Traditional & Cloud)
With this enhancement, we’re delivering you a better experience when connecting directly to your bank accounts. Direct connections, also known as Bank Feeds, allow you to download bank transactions and reconcile accounts, eliminating the cumbersome process of downloading and uploading transaction files. In this release, we’ve made updates to enable a faster, more reliable connection. New users will have a simple onboarding experience when adding banks to quickly be able to download their bank transactions. To take advantage of the update, existing users will need to migrate to the new service. Existing users will be walked through a simple, one-time conversion to the new services.

Know When You Are Offline, and Keep Doing Your Job- (Cloud)
We’ve all been there, especially this past year. You’re hard at work on a shared company when suddenly something happens to your internet or connection. In this update, we’ve released a feature to help you through it. This new feature will show you what the problem is and give options on steps to remediate the issue. If you are experiencing a lost internet connection, you’ll receive guidance on how to fix the problem. If the problem is related to a Sage.

2021.1 U.S. version (released Fall 2020)
Watch the Sage 2021.1 YouTube video

Improvements for Sage 50 US Edition 2021.1 

  • Sage Security Shield– is a comprehensive business monitoring product providing customers business ID theft & cyber protection. This new feature, included with Sage 50cloud supports small & medium size businesses by providing protection to secure their business identity, monitor their credit and restore services should there be any incidences detected. (Sage 50cloud)
  • Expansion of Pay Types-With this release, you can now set up an unlimited number of Pay Types for both hourly and salaried employees. The expansion of Pay Types will also help firms who must accommodate tracking of the COVID-19 Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) compensation. We released guidance to use an additional 3 Pay Type fields to accommodate tracking of this information so it can be traced and included in the employers Form 941 quarterly filings. Although you can set up an unlimited number of Pay Types, employees can only have 20 Pay Types per pay period or paycheck.(Sage 50cloud & Sage 50 Traditional) Important! We have changed how Salary Pay Types display on paychecks when you are entering payroll amounts. Pay types set up for an employee must have an amount OR you must clear the Use Default check box for a pay type you want to appear when you are creating paychecks. We recommend reviewing in the Payroll Entry Window each employee set up for a Salary Pay Type to ensure the pay types display correctly. If the pay types are not displaying, open the Maintain Employees/Sales Reps window and select the Pay Info tab. Clear the Use Default check box for any Salary Pay Type you want to display when entering payroll amounts. 
  • Government Compliance-The FFCRA and Form 941 Reporting To help you comply with financial reporting, you can easily extract the amounts paid for Sick and Family Leave allowed under the FFCRA and include them on the quarterly Form 941 filing. In the Reports & Forms module, if you select Form 941 under Payroll Tax Forms, you receive a prompt asking if any employees received paid sick or family and medical leave as defined in the FFCRA. If you select Yes, you then have to select the Pay Level names used for Sick and Family Leave. The associated amounts are extracted and placed on lines 5a (i) and 5a (ii). (Sage 50cloud & Sage 50 Traditional)

Resolved Issues- We’re always listening! You reported issues related to mouse freezing or lagging. This has been fixed. (Sage 50cloud & Sage 50 Traditional)

2021.0 Sage 50 U.S. version  (released July 2020)

This is a placeholder tab content. It is important to have the necessary information in the block, but at this stage, it is just a placeholder to help you visualise how the content is displayed. Feel free to edit this with your actual content.

Watch the Sage 50 2020.1 YouTube video

Improvements for Sage 50 2021 

  • Enhanced security with GmailThe integration with Gmail has been updated to meet Google’s new security standards. Sage ensures strict compliance and security standards for our customers using Gmail as their email application.(Sage 50cloud & Sage 50 Traditional)
  • Sage Drive is now Remote Data Access-New name, same convenient access to your company data from anywhere you have Sage 50 installed. The new name removes confusion around its capabilities so you can focus on your business. With Remote Data Access, you can l Stay productive, at home or on-the-go. l Collaborate on your books with a colleague or your CPA. l Avoid data loss with risky transfer services or storing your data to a USB.(Sage 50cloud)
  • Sage ID –a single login to access all your connected services
    Sage ID makes it easier for you to connect your bank, access data remotely, share company data and add customer payment options. Sage ID is a single login that lets you securely access the connected services available with Sage 50cloud subscription. With your Sage ID,you have secure authentication to connected services without the need to enter emails and passwords for individual connected services – such as Remote Data Access, Bank Feeds, or Invoice Payments.(Sage 50cloud)
  • Memorized Purchase Invoices-You can now create a memorized transaction for Purchase Invoices/Bills. Save time and reduce repetitive data entry tasks with memorized transactions that now include Purchase Invoices. Enter and save common transactions and use them repeatedly. (Sage 50cloud & Sage 50 Traditional)
  • New mouseover text for fields provides extra informationIn transaction windows with Item and Job fields, you can hover your mouse over the field to view the entire Item or Job ID as well as any Assemblies/Phase and Cost Codes associated with the Item or Job ID. Using this neat feature, you can hover over Item or Job ID fields to see the details in a popup rather than having to open each transaction just to be able to see the details. (Sage 50cloud & Sage 50 Traditional)
  • Ship To Name for Customer Lists-The Ship To Name now appears on the Customer Management tab for Sales Invoices, Sales Orders, Quotes, Item Sales History by Customer, and Proposals. Having the Ship to Name adds convenience and makes it easy to filter or group invoices, orders, quotes, or proposals by Ship to Name.(Sage 50cloud & Sage 50 Traditional)
  • AutoEntry-(Must Subscribe to Service) It easy for accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners eliminate manual data entry tasks, such as expenses, invoices, payments, bills, receipts, and bank statements. Using the Sage 50cloud integration with AutoEntry, customers can: l Automate manual data entry to save time and eliminate stressful deadlines l Improve data accuracy while capturing full line items such as unit price, description, and quantity l Reduce time spent on data entry tasks AutoEntry helps more than 3000 accountants service 150,000 businesses with automated data entry.(Sage 50cloud)
2020.2 Sage 50

What’s New in Sage 50 2020.2

  • Expanded Invoice Number Field-Expanded Invoice Number field on Payments and Receipts (Receive Money) windows, consistent with the previous expansion of the Invoice Number field on Invoicing windows
  • Drag and Drop Files as Attachments-Drag and Drop Files as Attachments: Drag and drop files from Windows Explorer into the Attachments window, without having to browse to each file.
  • Attachments column added in Lists view-Attachments column added in Lists view: If a Maintenance record contains an attachment, a checkmark will appear for the record in Lists. Applies to Purchase Orders, Sales Invoicing, Customers, Payments and Purchase Invoices.
  • Human Resource Menu-“Human Resources Forms” menu now accessible in the Payroll tab Navigation Aids area.
  • Enable default Cash Account selection in Receipts-Enable default Cash account selection in Receipts: When the GL Account is changed in Receipts, many users forget to change the GL Account back to the one most used, resulting in hours of correcting transactions. Now, this Setting is located in Maintain Customer Defaults and can be enabled, so transactions made subsequent to changing from the default Cash account will be switched to the account defined in the defaults.
  • Limitations Drag and Drop files-Limitations Drag and drop files into the Attachments window does not function when Sage 50 US is started under Run as Administrator mode.
2020.1 Sage 50 Release (Released October 2019)

The 2020.1 Sage 50 release includes – Payroll Updates for Compliance with the Revised

Solution: Several new payroll fields on the “Withholding Info” tab of Employee Maintenance records was added and changes to the Payroll Tax Calculator were made to remain compliant with Federal Personal Income Tax Computations for calendar years 2020-2025.

The 2020.1 Sage 50 release includes – 1099 Tax Forms Integration with Aatrix
In 2015, Sage added the option of doing 1099s using a “Mapping Wizard” that was supposed to allow you export your 1099 data to Excel, and then follow a 21 step process (that didn’t really work) to import the data in Aatrix so that 1099 forms could be printed on blank forms and/or filed electronically.

Sage 50 US 2020.1 will directly integrate 1099 data with the Aatrix Tax Forms engine, eliminating the need to manually manipulate and map data. This will make it much easier to eFile 1099s. That’s very good news for anyone in a state that requires all 1099 issuers to eFile

Solution: Sage 50 US 2020.1 now directly integrates 1099 information with the Aatrix Tax Forms engine, and simplifying the process by eliminating the need to manually map the information to the required fields, facilitating more adoption of eFile options and reducing the level of users that balked at the process once seeing how many steps were previously involved.

2020.1 – Human Resource Forms and Compliance Engine with Aatrix.  The 2020.1 Sage 50 release includes – Human Resource Forms and Compliance Engine with Aatrix. The Aatrix Human Resource Forms and Compliance Engine offers a comprehensive set of forms for employee and payroll management. You’ll be able to access the new forms by going to the Reports & Forms menu Forms > Human Resource Forms.

Solution: Sage 50 US 2020.1 with the addition of the Aatrix Human Resource Forms and Compliance Engine offers a comprehensive set of forms for employee and payroll management. To access the Aatrix Human Resource Forms in 2020.1, the Sage user can go to Reports & Forms>Forms>Human Resource Forms as shown below. Note: In later Releases of the product, additional entry points to be added in later Releases of the product, namely on the Navigation Aids/Dashboard, from the “Employees & Payroll” pane and under “Forms”.

To access the Aatrix Human Resource Forms in 2020.1, the Sage user can go to Reports & Forms>Forms>Human Resource Forms as shown below.
Note: In later Releases of the product, additional entry points to be added in later releases of the product, namely on the Navigation Aids/Dashboard,from the “Employees & Payroll” pane and under “Forms”.

2020 Features (Released July 2019)

The 2020.0 Release is all about delivering requested Sage 50 feedback from you our customers. For quite some time, fellow business owners like you have shared feedback, ideas and even proposed requests within Sage 50 that you would like to see changed!

  • Address fields associated with Maintenance records for Customers, Vendors and Employees were expanded to accommodate a greater number of characters for longer addresses (increased from 30 to 50)
  • The Deposit Ticket ID field has been expanded to accommodate up to 20 characters (increased from 8 to 20).
  • The Item Type field associated with Inventory Items was expanded to accommodate more characters (increased from 8 to 20).
  • With many States introducing Paid Family Leave laws and other additional employee withholding taxes for designated types of businesses, fields “Special 3, 4 and 5” were added to the Withholding Info tab in the Maintain Employees & Sales Reps
  • When emailing a Customer form, you can now choose to email a specific contact, other than the primary/bill-to contact by default. Forms included are: Sales Orders, Quotes, Proposals, Sales Invoices, Credit Memos, Change Orders and Receipts.
  • The Notes field was added to the Maintain Vendors area and mirrors the setup of Maintain Customers where the Notes field has existed for many releases.
  • IPM Inbox Notification: For messages that users have not dismissed in the carousel, a new “bell” notification was added to the Top Navigation on the Dashboard to indicate how many active messages have not been read or dismissed. Clicking on the “bell” icon will open the Sage Message Center which will display active messages, with a read or unread status.

Limitations: Emailing to secondary contacts is limited to Customers and includes the forms mentioned in the highlight for this item.

2020.0 – Database Upgrade, Pervasive v11 to Actian Zen v13

  • Ensures that the latest updates to the Windows operating system are fully compatible and include the latest security counter measures to protect company data.
  • – Performance improvements in some operations and paves the way to streamline performance in other areas in future updates.
  • Limitations:
  • -Only R2019 and above will operate on the same computer or Virtual Machine (VM) with Sage 50 R2020 installed (an advisory communication has already been sent to partners, add-on ISVs and SAN members).
  • – The 32-bit edition of the Actian Zen Workgroup Database Engine is still utilized (64-bit edition is not compatible).
  • – Possible conflicts with other software that runs on the same computer and uses/targets older versions of Pervasive that may not run with the license of the database granted to Sage.
2019.2 Features (Released March 2019)

Sage Capture Approvals / (Sage 50cloud New Feature)

Feature Released in 2018.0, Sage 50cloud Capture is a fast and simple way to record your business transactions in Sage 50cloud Accounts, and electronically file paperwork in OneDrive from anywhere. Sage 50cloud Capture uses the convenience and security of Microsoft Office 365 to store your data in the cloud and liberate you from the office.The Capture app allows a Sage 50cloud user who is not in the office to create a payment transaction and save it in Sage 50cloud by using the Office 365 Integration. When the Approvals app is used, transactions created by the Capture app must be approved before they are downloaded into Sage 50.

Approvals is only for Sage 50 R2019.2 and later and is only available to customers on subscription with Sage 50cloud.

Sage Drive Multi-User Performance Improvements / (Sage 50cloud Enhancement)

Originally introduced in February 2016 (in 2016.2) Sage Drive is a service that enables you to store a current copy of your company database in the cloud, then access it from any computer that has (preferably fast) internet connection and Sage 50—U.S. Edition installed on it. Sage Drive is an included feature in all currently supported versions of Sage 50—U.S. Edition, provided you have a currently active SAN (Sage Accountants Network) or Sage 50c subscription. It was designed to be used in two situations:

  1. Business owners who want to have access to their data from the office and from home.

2. Small businesses where the accountant enters all, or nearly all, of the accounting information.

2019.0 introduced Sage Drive Multi-User, which allows multiple remote and local users Read/Write access to their Sage 50cloud data at the same time. 2019.2 introduces new performance and code improvements that:

  • Makes online connections more resilient
  • Better protects data if an internet outage occurs while using Sage Drive
  • Improves performance when uploading files
  • Miscellaneous Enhancements /(Perpetual & Subscription)

Sage 50 2019.2 includes a number of Quality of Life improvements in areas of the program our customers use. Improvements were made in the following areas:

  • New automatic Report Refresh Options
  • Ability to add attachments to General Journal Entries
  • Ability to print Sales Orders and Picking Lists in a single-step
  • Improved messaging in various areas of the program (Perpetual & Subscription)
2019.1 Release

This is a placeholder tab content. It is important to have the necessary information in the block, but at this stage, it is just a placeholder to help you visualise how the content is displayed. Feel free to edit this with your actual content.

2019.1 Release

What’s New in Sage 50 2019.1 Release

Both Sage 50 Desktop and Sage 50Cloud will be receiving behind the scene hot fixes.

Three other updates are exclusive to the Sage 50Cloud including:

  • Sage Drive Multi-User Functionality-If you recall, Sage Drive Multi-User allows your and your team to read or write new and existing transactions in Sage Drive company data files. Regardless of a Local Area Network (LAN) or working remotely, users can simultaneously work in and access a shared Sage Drive company. We are now excited to deliver to you in 2019.1 significant performance improvements to Sage Drive Multi-User, previously launched 2019.0:
  • Sage Drive Progress Dialog:As updates are made and received by other users, a Sage Drive Progress dialog will appear with the status of Download/Upload data progress. The frequency of this message may have been increased when many changes by users in the company were being made. We are happy to report that these messages no longer pop in a rapid sequence and payloads are delivered more efficiently due to the introduction of Payload Compression in 2019.1.
  • Account Reconciliation Update:We’re pleased to inform you that the previous issue with Accounts Reconciliation is now resolved! If for some reason you & your team are still experiencing issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Multiple Companies’ Names Display in Windows Taskbar:We are pleased to inform you that with the release of 2019.1, the program now displays the names of companies in the Windows Taskbar when two or more company files are opened, making it easier for users to switch back and forth between multiple companies without having to manually review the title-bar of each company window to locate the company they desire to interact with.

Invoice Payments with Microsoft Pay

Bring payments to Outlook with Microsoft Pay and Invoice Payments

Include payments experiences directly in your emails to millions of Office customers with Microsoft Pay. Building on the innovation of Invoice Payments, Sage now supports Microsoft Pay which allows customers to open invoices in Outlook & pay with saved credit or debit cards, or PayPal.

Microsoft Pay is an enhancement to Invoice Payments and works with integrated payment services from Stripe.

2019.0 (Released 7-2018)

The 2019.0 release delivers to you and your business feature enhancements and improvements, as well as an integration between Sage 50 Account software (formerly Sage Peachtree Accounting software) and Sage CRM*, to assist you in making your business life easier than ever! Features in this release pertain to both Sage 50 Cloud and Sage 50 perpetual Traditional business care on plan customers.

YOU SPOKE, and WE LISTENED!Feedback, as you know being a business owner, can make or break your business! The Sage 50 Team has started a mission called “You Spoke, and We Listened”

Below are the many updates, enhancements and productivity maintenance that we delivered for 2019.0:

Expanded Sales Order Dropdown Menu & Totals in Quotes and Purchases List Views (Sage 50cloud and traditional)

We’re pleased to inform you that the Sales Order dropdown menu has been expanded to match the current field width of the Invoice Number field. In addition, dollar totals are now featured in the Quotes and Purchases List views.

.NET Framework 4.7.1 Updates (Sage 50cloud and traditional)

Sage 50 now leverages .NET Framework 4.7.1, which is already installed on most operating systems through standard Windows updates. If the update does not exist during installation, .NET Framework 4.7.1 will be installed during the installation process. Several advantages of this update include:

  • Performance and Reliability improvements
  • Security improvements
  • Compliance with latest native TLS security protocol standards
  • User Security Updates (Sage 50cloud and traditional)

Sage 50 provides several options that can maintain data security and deter unauthorized users from possible fraudulent activities. To provide the control needed with multiple users, Sage 50’s updated existing security settings in the installer were streamlined to minimize the occurrence of User Account Control (UAC) message prompts.? A standard user will need Administrator-level credentials to perform some tasks that require Administrator-level permissions to execute.

Additional Enhancements (Sage 50cloud and traditional)

  • Sage Payroll (SPR) Sync: This release also includes updates to the latest Azure security compliance standards and improved reliability of large sync operations.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Integration Maintenance: Performance and reliability improvements are included in this update.
  • Sage Payment Cloud Maintenance: Performance and reliability improvements are included in this update.

Also, a reminder that Sage has partnered with PayPal to bring you the latest feature, Invoice Payments, in Sage 50. Invoice Payments using PayPal is an easy, convenient, secure way to allow your customers to pay you. You have the ability to invoice your customers by email and include a Pay Now button that your customers can use to pay you with a debit or credit card. Payments are securely processed online and deposited directly to your bank account.

Sage 50 CRM Integration

Sage CRM is a communications system that is ideal for companies that need to streamline processes between departments or provide customer-facing staff with financial information, including the ability to create orders through the Sage CRM interface that pass through to the Sage accounting system.

The integration between Sage 50 and Sage CRM was developed by Dan Cousins & Associates Inc. . Sage 50 CRM is a one-way, read only integration wherein Sage 50 is updating Sage CRM every 24 hours. Features include:

  • Displays Year-to-Date (YTD) Sales compared to Last YTD Sales
  • Displays the Date of the last Invoice
  • Shows a listing of Order and Invoice history
  • User can see line item details for historical Orders and Invoices

Beyond the features listed above, the integration allows you to connect multiple companies in Sage 50 to a single company record in Sage CRM.

2018.2 Release Features

Sage Business Cloud Payments (Sage 50cloud and traditional) -Sage Business Cloud Payments enables customers to make managing payments simple and getting paid easy and effortless.

Sage has partnered with three trusted payment providers who will provide customers with the choice on how to get paid faster through invoices and point of sale payments.

  • Invoicing Payments with Stripe is here! Sage has partnered with Stripe to provide customers a quick and seamless way to accept credit and debit card payments by adding a “Pay Now” link to your invoice emails and get paid instantly. With our integration, customers can reduce time spent chasing late payments and reconciling their accounts. And set-up takes less than 5mins with Stripe Invoicing Payments.
  • Sage Payments Solutions has a new brand name, Paya! While the name is new, the Paya team and technology solutions are industry-tested and come with almost 20 years of payments expertise. Paya is integrated into Sage 50cloud; your same trusted payment processor, with a new name.
  • PayPal partnership coming soon! Sage is partnering with PayPal. Stay tuned for the launch of PayPal late March/early April.

Windows 10 Stability Improvements (Sage 50cloud and traditional)

We’re pleased to inform customers that the issue of Sage 50-U.S. Edition 2018.1 and lower, unexpectedly shutting down the program due to a change in the Windows 10 Fall Creators’ update, has been resolved in this 2018.2 release!

Sage Drive + Office 365 Compatibility (Sage 50cloud only) This feature will allow customers to synchronize data from Sage 50cloud to Office 365 without having to disable Sage Drive.

Sage Pegg (Sage 50cloud only) In order to help make our customers’ business life easier, Sage 50cloud has introduced a new messaging Bot call Pegg! Sage Pegg will give customers greater flexibility to help manage customer contacts, review invoices and check credit information for your accounts while on the move, using messaging platforms like Skype and Facebook Messenger!

Sage Intelligence (Sage 50cloud only)We have made enhancements to Sage 50cloud Intelligence!

The changes include: A fresh new look and feel that’s easier to navigate and allows customers to easily structure your reports to suit your unique business needs, the ability to export reports to PDF, the ability to easily create a Management Pack to suit our customers business needs, enhancements to the calculator

Sage Capture (Sage 50 cloud only) – Sage Capture is now available for Android!

Sage Capture is a mobile app that takes images of invoices, receipts and other documentation and uploads them to Microsoft OneDrive.

It is a fast and simple way to record business transactions in Sage 50cloud and electronically file paperwork in OneDrive from anywhere.

2018.1 Release Features

Cloud & Mobile Navigation Aid Tab: The Cloud & Mobile tab showcases the benefits of Sage 50c by featuring Microsoft Office 365 Synchronization, Sage Drive and Sage One Mobile Invoicing. This feature will allow you to:

  • Gain easy access through navigation aids to frequently accessed features of Sage 50c
  • View the Existing Services panel that showcases other services such as Payments and Online Payroll
  • Display connected features of Sage 50c more prominently

Automated bank feeds:

Sage 50c will now allow you the ability to automatically reconcile your accounts by importing bank account and credit card information through bank feeds

Save time by greatly reducing manual data entry, avoiding data entry errors, reducing the time spent reconciling accounts

New Sage Dashboard Microsoft Office 365 App

Improvements made to Sage Contacts

2018.0 Release Features

2018.0 Release Features

Sage 50c Subscription Exclusive Office 365 features:

  • Sage Capture w/Office 365: Capture a receipt or record a transaction and post it to Sage 50c using any mobile or tablet device. Images are automatically stored in OneDrive so you never lose a receipt or document again. Visit the Apple and Android App stores, search for Sage Capture App. Download the app Free to any mobile device!
  • Sage Intelligence Reporting w/Office 365: SI Reporting unleashes the power of Sage 50c data into Excel. From building powerful reports to customizing – using simple drag and drop design. SI Reporting provides deeper business insights and understanding into your business. You can also publish Financial reports to the cloud and access them on any device. Available in HTML via web browser and Excel.

Sage 50c Subscription & Traditional:

AP Automation provided by Beanworks: Beanworks offers a cloud-based accounts payable automation solution that helps companies streamline their invoice-to-payment process. Automatic invoice routing with the ability to review and approve online, pay invoices via virtual credit card, EFT/ACH, wire, or automated check

This partnership and feature add-on will be available to Sage 50, 100 and 300 customers. The Sage 50 Quantum customer with 25 users or more will get a tremendous amount of satisfaction and see increased productivity using the AP Automation.

Maintenance – UI Modernization

User Interface Modernization: It’s a Facelift for Sage 50! Sage 50 has not had a user interface update in a decade! We think it’s time for a facelift. We have made some updates to the Navigation Centers for ease of use. Enjoy the new look and the same functionality that you know and love of Sage 50

2017.2 Release Features

What’s New in Sage 50 U.S. 2017.2

Four new features are exclusive to the Sage 50c Subscription, including:

  • Enhanced Sage One Mobile Invoicing
  • Sage Contact app for Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium
  • Improved Office 365 Cloud Backup
  • Enhanced Sage One Mobile Invoicing (Sage 50c Subscription exclusive):

Online invoicing through integration with Sage One was introduced in version 2017.1. However, Three significant improvements have been made to online/mobile invoicing.

  • Your Sage 50 sales taxes are automatically uploaded to Sage One.
  • Your Sage 50 inventory and service items are automatically uploaded to Sage One.
  • Receipts (from customers who use the click-to-pay option) are automatically downloaded into Sage 50.

Sage Contact app for Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium (Sage 50c Subscription exclusive) :

The Office 365 connection wizard will sync customer and vendor contact information between your Sage 50 company and Office 365 (requires 365 Business Premium). In addition to being able to having basic contact information, the Sage Contact app will allow you to see the last 5 invoices and last 5 receipts/payments within the last 90 days. Contact information changed in the Sage Contact app will sync back to your Sage 50c data. You can schedule the sync to run every 4, 12, or 24 hours as well as initiating it manually.

Improved Office 365 Cloud Backup (Sage 50c Subscription exclusive) :

This is another feature that was added in 2017.1 but has been now improved. You no longer have to run Sage 50 as administrator for the Office 365 Cloud Backup to work, and behind the scenes improvements were made to help with backup of large companies. Lastly, the interface for email notification has been updated.

Click-to-Pay Invoicing (available to all Sage 50 and Sage 50c customers):

If you use Sage Payment Solutions to process credit/debit cards or virtual checks (ACH payments), you can now include a link when you email an invoice so your customer can pay online. The link will take them to a secure web page where they can enter a credit/debit card or their bank information. You can then download their payment directly into Sage

2017.1 Features

Four new features are exclusive to the Sage 50c Subscription, including:

  • Online and mobile invoicing and payment
  • Microsoft Office 365 integration
  • Automatic cloud backup using the Microsoft Office 365 integration
  • Read-only access to a Sage Drive company

Two additional features are available to customers on all versions of Sage 50 and Sage 50c Subscription:

  • Web mail support
  • Automatic activation of Sage Payroll accounts

Online and mobile invoicing and payment-(Sage 50c Subscription exclusive)-Sage 50c customers can create and send online invoices using their computers or the mobile app. Recipients can use the Pay Now link on the invoice to quickly and easily pay online. This simplifies the billing process and shortens the payment cycle.

Online invoicing and payment* is available through integration with Sage One Accounting

Sage 50c general ledger accounts and customer records are uploaded to Sage One, but not inventory and services items or sales tax codes

Sage One is provided to Sage 50c customers for free. The activation code will be emailed to current customers on November 16, 2016. New customers will receive the activation code upon purchase or upgrade to Sage 50c.

Sage 50c customers create a Sage One account, manually enter inventory and service items, and then generate and send online invoices from Sage One using a computer or the mobile app

Emailed invoices from Sage One contain a Pay Now link so payees can submit an online payment using PayPal. Sage 50c customers with an SPS merchant account have the option to receive a credit/debit card payment

Once the invoice is paid, Sage 50c customers must manually record the receipt in Sage 50c

Sage 50c customers can download open invoices from Sage One into Sage 50c

Online and mobile invoicing requires a Sage One subscription for integration. This is a one way integration and will require users to manually enter their inventory and service items into Sage One; customer records and general ledger accounts will be entered for them. Only customers on the latest release of Sage 50c Accounting have access to the Sage One integration. If customer cancels the Sage One integration service, to maintain access to Sage One, customer must set up separate billing. Not all Sage One features are available on the mobile app. Mobile devices sold separately and require a data plan. Data access is subject to cellular provider network availability and occasional downtime due to system maintenance.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration (Sage 50c Subscription exclusive)-This integration with Microsoft Office 365 will provide to Sage 50c customers in the U.S., Canada, and the UK in staged releases. It will also provide a platform for developing future features and functionality.

Microsoft Office 365 automatic cloud backup* (Sage 50c Subscription exclusive)-This is the first feature delivered through the Office 365 integration. It provides Sage 50c customers the ability to securely store and retrieve company backup files online. Up to one terabyte of data storage available. Online backup was ranked Number One in a recent customer survey of potential new features.

  • Requires Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium license, available through Microsoft.

Sage 50c read-only mode (Sage 50c Subscription exclusive)- Allows additional Sage 50c users to access a shared company in read-only mode while the active user is working in that company. This is the first of a two-phased project to support multiple concurrent users in Sage 50c

Web mail support (available to all Sage 50 and Sage 50c customers)-Customers can now utilize their web-based email services (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Live, AOL, and Office 365, etc.) when emailing transaction forms such as invoices or receipts from Sage 50.

Automated Sage Payroll In-Product Activation (available to all Sage 50 and Sage 50c customers)– Sage Payroll Services customers will now have automatic in-product activation of their payroll account. This improves and automates the current manual process that requires the Sage sales colleague to generate an activation code and email it to the customer who must then enter it into Sage 50. Now Sage Payroll customers identify themselves in product and the activation code is entered for them.

New bank features include:

  • Bank balances shown in daily, weekly, and monthly view.
  • Spending displayed by categories.
  • Spending comparisons of current period versus previous period.
  • Bank transaction details.
2017 Release

Improvements for easier installation and upgrades – Many of the screens in the installation routine have been combined and simplified.

Sage 50c Drive now has Pause/Resume feature– (For Subscription Users Only) The Pause/Resume feature allows a customer to pause online activities, continue working offline, and resume working later with automated data sync. Please note, sharing still limits you to a single user.

Accept ACH payments with Sage Payment Solutions – Users who process credit cards through a Sage Payment Solutions merchant account can now securely store customer’s ACH information in their customer record, and can process customer ACH payments through the Receive Money window in the same way they can process credit card transactions.

New Sage 50 Desktop Icon

2016 Service Release 1

Sage 50 is compatible with Windows 10– Sage 50—U.S. Edition Release 2016.1 is compatible with and certified for Windows 10

Payment Center dashboard-The Payment Center dashboard serves as the all-in-one place to apply for a Sage Payment Solutions merchant account in order to securely process credit or debit cards within the program.

Services navigation center-The Services navigation center provides one-click access to explore available add-on services:

  • Payroll Solutions
  • Credit card processing
  • Checks & Forms
  • Sage Mobile Sales
2016 Release

Windows 10 Compatible

Process Credit Card Refunds from inside Sage 50 – If you use Sage Payment Solutions to process credit cards right in the Receive Money window of Sage 50, you’ll be happy to know that you can finally process a refund the same way. Just bring up the receipt that originally paid the invoice and click the “Issue Refund” link. A new receipt will be created and its status will show “Approved – Refund Receipt.” The original receipt’s status will then show “Approved – Refund Issued.”

Sage iPhone App – lets you see customer information, item purchase history, and quantity available for items on an iPhone. You must have a current Business Care plan but, other than that, there’s no charge to use the app. Of course you can choose to upgrade to Sage Mobile Sales (subscription required) if you want to be able to enter quotes and orders from an iPad.
Convenient Signup for Payroll and Credit Card Processing – In-program signups have been added to make it easier to sign up for Credit Card Processing (Sage Payment Solutions) and payroll, including Sage Full Service Payroll.

Easy Conversion of Sales Orders and Purchase Orders to Invoice has been fixed. – Version 2015.3 added a button to the sales order window to convert an order to a sales invoice and an equivalent button in the purchase order window to convert a PO to an accounts payable invoice. A bug that was in this feature has been fixed so that changes made to the order’s header information, such as such as the ship-to address, will now be copied correctly to the invoice

2015 Service Release 3

One-click support chat– Just one click inside the software lets you chat with a technical support advisor when you have a question. No IDs or passwords ; a single click launches a chat session with an expert. Plus, you get a record of the conversation, so you can check it later if you have a question.

Easy order-to-invoice conversion– Cut invoicing time in half and get paid faster. Now you can create an invoice directly from the sales order. It’s much faster, and you won’t forget a thing.Receive inventory from the purchase order– More quickly and accurately process in .You can receive inventory directly from the purchase order. You’ll save time with every transaction.

More powerful Maintenance Records– Quickly create a purchase order and record a purchase or vendor payment right from the Maintain Vendors screen. Or create a new task—Quote, Sales Order, Invoice, or Receipt—from the Maintain Customers screen. And easily set up new customers, vendors, and inventory items by copying information from a similar record and then editing it.

Customizable Lists– Lists have more flexibility and functionality with custom date ranges that you select and total. Plus, you can drill down to the details right from the List.
Expanded Add Attachments– This popular feature allows you to attach critical files and documents to more records :purchase orders, quotes, and sales orders.It works for any type and size of file you have for a complete record of every transaction right inside your software.

Personalized text on emails- There’s a new tab on the Customer Defaults screen that allows you to create custom messages when sending sales invoices and quotes. When you’re ready, simply select the customer and the transaction, click Send, and you’re done!

Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting enhancements– Intelligence Reporting is more powerful than ever with usability and performance enhancements including easier access to commonly used features, simplified right-click menu, and modernized ribbon and background displays.

Streamlined payment processing– Now it’s easier than ever to offer your customers more ways to pay: in the office, in your store, or on the go. Our stream lined application process makes it easy to connect Sage 50 with Sage Payment Solutions. You’ll save time, help increase sales, and better protect credit card information.

2015 Release

One-click support chat-Just one click inside the software lets you chat with a technical support advisor when you have a question. No IDs or passwords to remember; a single click launches a chat session with an expert. Plus, you get a record of the conversation, so you can check it later if you have a question.

Easy order-to-invoice conversion-Cut invoicing time in half and get paid faster. Now you can create an invoice directly from the sales order. It’s much faster, and you won’t forget a thing.

Receive inventory from the purchase order-More quickly and accurately process incoming inventory. You can receive inventory directly from the purchase order. You’ll save time with every transaction.

More powerful Maintenance Records-Quickly create a purchase order and record a purchase or vendor payment right from the Maintain Vendors screen. Or create a new task—Quote, Sales Order, Invoice, or Receipt—from the Maintain Customers screen. And easily set up new customers, vendors, and inventory items by copying information from a similar record and then editing it.

Customizable Lists-Lists have more flexibility and functionality with custom date ranges that you select and totals on amount columns. Plus, you can drill down to the details right from the List.

Expanded Add Attachments-This popular feature allows you to attach critical files and documents to more records: purchase orders, quotes, and sales orders. Works for any type and size of file you have for a complete record of every transaction right inside your software.

Personalized text on emails-There’s a new tab on the Customer Defaults screen that allows you to create custom messages when sending sales invoices and quotes. When you’re ready, simply select the customer and the transaction, click Send, and you’re done!

2014 Release

Accounts Receivable enhancements-It’s faster and easier to record outstanding customer invoices as paid. This feature reduces the number of steps necessary in receiving money for outstanding invoices and gives you access to all the information you need.

Streamlined Accounts Payable-Take care of payments and purchases in fewer steps, with fewer screens. The “Purchase/Receive Inventory” screen offers time saving links to information and reports, more critical dates displayed, and more options for paying invoices.

More efficient invoicing-Invoicing enhancements save you time with early warnings for customers with credit issues and quick access to related customer information or reports that you need. It also displays critical due dates, payment dates, and credit status messages (Ex: Notify Over Limit) when you select a customer.

Quote Status List-The Quote List shows the status of each quote without having to open it. Follow up on open quotes before they expire, quickly see which quotes have been converted into sales, and ensure that prices are current and consistent right from the Quote List.

Easy startup with Sage Advisor-Get up and running quickly with the Sage Advisor Launchpad and Sage Advisor Messages. These tools help you understand important features, including dashboards and reports. Includes a QuickBooks Conversion Guide.

2013.1 Release

Convenient bank reconciliation-Easier account reconciliations. Work more efficiently, eliminate after-hours and weekend reconciliations, help prevent posting errors in prior periods, and save time, because others can work in the current accounting period while you reconcile in another.

Expanded amount and currency field lengths-Record amounts up to $99,999,999,999,999.00000 on transaction screens, list views, dashboards, reports, forms, account register, and the Maintain Inventory Item history tab. Perfect for currencies other than the U.S. dollar or for inventory quantities requiring more than two digits to the right of the decimal place.

Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting enhancements-The Inventory Analysis Report offers real-time inventory information that helps better forecast consumption of goods and manage the supply chain. The Dashboard provides a graphical summary of Key Performance Indicators, and the Report Designer lets you create your own unique layouts using simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Inactivate multiple vendor records-Quickly identify and deactivate old or unused vendor records all at one time. Set Multiple Records as Inactive creates faster data entry, improves lookup performance, and makes it easier to clean up your database and complete year-end tasks.

Mobile integration-Sage Mobile Payments turns your cell phone, smartphone, or tablet into a secure and convenient credit card terminal. With real-time authorization, emailed receipts, void, and online reporting, you can take credit card payments virtually anywhere and collect your money faster.

Waste-free check printing-Save money when printing vendor and payroll checks by optionally excluding zero-amount checks. And for checks that need more remittance room on the stub, Sage 50 prints the additional information on plain paper—and does it at the end of the regular print run. No more voided checks and wasted money!

2013 Release

Copy transactions-Quickly create a new transaction based on a previously saved one, easily making modifications instead of manually recreating every line item. Available on Quotes, Sales Orders, Proposals, Sales Invoicing, Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices, and General Journal Entries.

System check-Use this early warning and monitoring tool to help identify potential application issues and get advice on how to resolve them, thereby increasing peace of mind and preventing possible downtime or lost productivity.

Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting-Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting is an integrated reporting and analysis solution. Using the familiar interface of Excel, it enables more robust, custom reporting and easier access to your data.

Vendor Management Center-Gain greater visibility into all the information you need for a specific vendor on one customizable dashboard.

Management Center enhancements-My Dashboard and Management Centers user-friendly enhancements include automatic totaling of columns on transaction lists, customizing the number of lines displayed, and making it easier to find items in a list when filtering.

Sage Advisor-Through personalized dashboards, engaging “show me how” videos, on-screen help, and other business resources, Sage Advisor helps you learn more about your Sage product and discover new ways to simplify your processes.

Expanded payroll fields-More fields on both the employee and employer company payroll records allow for recording of additional benefits, deductions, and liabilities and help your business comply with legislative requirements, such as the Health Care Act of 2010.

Easier network installation-A more efficient installation option for multiuser versions allows you to run multiple workstation installs simultaneously while greatly reducing the number of steps required.

New My Dashboard modules-Eleven new modules for My Dashboard—including General Journal Entries, Inventory Adjustments, Payroll, Assemblies, Purchases Received, Top Vendors, and Item Purchase History by Vendor—allow more people in the organization to work better and faster.

Workflow automation-Establish default assignments for all of your transaction statuses to ensure that work is routed to the appropriate person at the right time. Easily view and add transaction tracking notes from the Customer Management Center.

Change Order processing-Eliminate manual change order tracking and keep all of your information in one place. Features include noting when a change order is approved, when it is applied to transactions, any changes to projected end date, and maintaining all notes applicable to the change order.

Enhanced assemblies reporting-Handle assemblies in new ways with customizable modules on the Inventory and Services Management Center that provide detailed information for a specific assembly item. Modules are still controlled by existing security measures and automatically respect the security settings you have today.

Setup Advisor-A retractable panel is docked to the side of customer, vendor, employee, inventory, and other records. Each time a field within one of these screens is selected, the panel automatically displays instructions, descriptions, and links. Can be turned on or off for each user.

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