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Sage 50 Data Purge-a Best Business Strategies Service

Is your Sage 50 Running Slow?

Is your sage 50 running slow purge data

It might be time for a data purge!

Purging is the process of removing inactive customers, vendors, employees, jobs, quotes, invoices, purchases, and so on from the records of a company. Purging reduces the size of the files of a company and frees valuable disk space for current and active data.

If your company file gets very large, Sage 50’s in-built purge wizard may not be enough to cut it down to size. At Best Business Strategies, we can perform a deep purge to get you the fastest, leanest file possible.

We offer weekend service—upload your data to our secure portal on a Friday, have it ready for your accounting staff to resume work on Monday.

Call 304-233-2612 for a free quote.

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