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Barcode Scanning


Simplify Your Receiving Process with Sage 50 Barcode Scanning

Our barcode scanning system integrates with your Sage 50 to make it a multi-warehousing Accounting Software program.While totals are stored in Sage 50, the Barcode scanning system allows you to see where your inventory is actually located. It is possible to track inventory in just Sage 50 but when incorrect items are pulled and shipped this could cost you time and money. This system will help you take control of your inventory and save you time, money, and unnecessary work.


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guySage 50 Multi-Warehouse Barcode System integrates with your Sage 50 Accounting software and will automatically sync your open purchase orders to create receiving orders into Sage 50 Multi-Warehouse Barcode System. As you receive products, materials, and supplies, you’ll be able to use the Barcode System built-in barcode scanning to easily scan and receive items against your PO line items. Once your receiving order is completed, IntelliTrack will automatically close the PO in Sage 50 so that you can pay your vendors accurately and on time.

guy and galSpeed Up Fulfillment with Exact Item Locations and Validation

Sage 50 Multi-Warehouse Barcode System will also sync open sales orders from Sage 50 to create picking orders for your fulfillment

team. The picking order will guide your employee to the exact location of each line item, reducing the time spent searching for inventory. Once an item is located, your team member can use a mobile computer to scan and validate the item and quantity, ensuring that your customers receive exactly what they’ve ordered. Once the picking order is completed, Sage 50 Multi-Warehouse Barcode System will communicate back to Sage 50, allowing you to invoice customers faster and more accurately than ever before. Quicker fulfillment and greater billing accuracy will help you achieve increased customer satisfaction all around.

Lady oncompImprove Operations with Deeper Inventory Insight

Sage 50 Multi-Warehouse Barcode System's perpetual, real-time inventory system will help you understand exactly what items you have, how much you have, and where they are located. Our advanced inventory control allows you to create and label detailed locations, including bins and containers, and track critical fields such as serial numbers, lot codes, and expiration dates. You’ll also be able to ensure product availability with minimum/maximum reorder points for each product and make informed business decisions based on your actual data and needs.

Features Include:
  • GLOBAL ACCESSIBILITY-Access your inventory data anytime, anywhere on multiple devices using our secure cloud server
  • ADVANCED INVENTORY CONTROL-Store critical inventory data including serial numbers, lots, expiration dates, and more.

  • STREAMLINED COUNTS-Conduct fast, efficient physical counts with barcode technology and a handheld computer.
  • EASY FULFILLMENT -Receive inventory and fulfill orders quickly and easily with receiving and picking options.
  • CONTINUOUS UPDATES-Choose between real-time and batch data syncing to meet all of your in-house and on-site needs.
  • EXACT LOCATIONS-Know exactly where to ?nd your items with location, bin, and container tracking
  • IMPROVED OVERSIGHT -Prevent losses, shortages, and surpluses with up-to-date counts and comprehensive reporting .
  • FAST, FRIENDLY SUPPORT-Access free tech support from our friendly staff for the duration of your web-based plan.
  • DETAILED REPORTING -Produce customized, real-time reports for your entire organization and individual sites.

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