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Scope of Sage 50 Support

Features included in a cloud-connected subscription:

  •  Annual auto renewal (REQUIRED) 
  •  Automatic updates and enhancements
  •  Unlimited access to North America-based phone support
  •  Unlimited online chat support
  •  Free Sage University Sage 50 learning package. The package consists of forty-seven videos. You will learn how to establish the core accounting modules for your company, general ledger and banking, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

What issues are covered under Sage Business Care Support Services?


Included/Covered with Sage Business Care NOT Included/Covered with Sage Business Care Recommended Resources
Installation & Upgrades
  • Clarification of any installation or upgrade steps
  • Troubleshooting problems/issues encountered during installation and upgrades
  • Step-by-step installation assistance
  • Local (on-site) or remote (via Terminal Services, WebEx, etc.) installation services
  • Consulting services to install or resolve non-Sage installation issues specific to your organization’s technical environment
  • Your Sage-authorized Business Partner (BP)
  • Your own IT staff
  • Sage Portal: Knowledgebase, Chat, Activation Codes
  • Sage City
  • SageU for real-time and anytime learning
  • Sage Professional Services
Setup, Configuration & Data Conversion
  • Clarification of what various fields and codes mean and how they are used
  • Guidance on how to fix problems
  • Troubleshoot problems encountered during setup, configuration and data conversion of Sage product
  • Recommendations on usage of Sage products in your organization
  • Consulting services, such as gaining an in-depth understanding of your organization’s needs and customizing your configuration to meet those needs
  • Step by step migration of data from your previous software version or other software solution (but see info in the “Import/Export” section)
  • Configuring third party applications
  • Creating or troubleshooting customizations (i.e. HTML SQL scripts & triggers, UDF and UDT, etc.)
  • Training

Data Entry/

Product Operations
  • Guidance on how to fix problems created by incorrect data entry through the Sage product interface
  • Clarification of what various fields mean or processes you may find confusing
  • Troubleshooting problems encountered with data entry or product operations
  • Troubleshoot Sage product related errors and messages
  • Analyzing your individual transactions to determine the source of a data entry error
  • Advice regarding how to code individual transactions
  • Account reconciliation
  • Training
  • Assistance with data entry or manipulation outside the Sage user interface
Import / Export
  • Guidance on proper format for importing data into your Sage product
  • Troubleshooting errors or problems encountered when importing or exporting data
  • Example of a standard Import/Export format
  • Exporting accurate data from third party software or validating/formatting it for you so that it can be imported into your Sage product
  • Creating your data definition files or mappings for importing data
  • Importing data into a third party product
  • Usage and configuration questions on third party products
  • Training
Reports and Forms
  • Clarification of what various reporting options mean
  • Troubleshooting problems encountered when setting up or running reports
  • Guidance on creating/ customizing/ refining a basic report to meet your reporting needs
  • Creating or designing reports for you
  • Troubleshooting problems encountered with customized reports or third party reporting programs or tools (formatting formulas, parameters, etc.)
  • Assistance with connecting to your Sage data for use with third party reporting tools
  • Training on use of third party products
  • Training
Hardware, operating systems (OS), database platforms, Internet Information Server (IIS), browsers, etc.
  • Clarification of system recommendations and requirements
  • Guidance on any specific configuration settings required by your Sage product
  • Troubleshooting printing errors received in your Sage Product when printing is working otherwise
  • Installation
  • Configuring vendor systems such as desktop operating system, Microsoft Server and/or SQL Server, IIS, SMTP, remote services, etc.
  • Troubleshooting stability, performance or other problems
  • Troubleshooting operating system issues – firewall, antivirus, permissions)
  • Troubleshooting, installation, or configuration of your Virtual environment (Citrix, VMware, HyperV, etc.)
  • Assistance with installation or set up of email browsers, etc.
  • Assistance with printer connectivity or configuration
  • Training
Network connectivity
  • Troubleshooting connectivity issues within your Sage product when your supported network infrastructure is otherwise working
  • Troubleshooting connectivity to a Sage hosting center when Internet connectivity is working
  • Troubleshooting internet connectivity
  • Troubleshooting other connectivity issues that exist outside of your Sage product
  • Assistance with unsupported networks.
  • Installation, troubleshooting or configuration of network (WAN/LAN) security/cards/cabling/hardware/software
  • Training
  • Your own IT staff
  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Your Sage-authorized BP
  • Your external IT vendor

Best Business Strategies solutions and services that address issues not covered under Sage Business Care include:

(Please call us so we can help you select the solution that best meets your needs 304-233-2612)

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