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For years your company has been adding up time cards, turning in time sheets or maybe just using the honor system. Maybe your company uses an automated solution, but you're simply not happy with the results. No matter what your business needs, TimeClock Plus Small Business Edition offers a simple yet comprehensive time clock software package to address them.

TimeClock Plus Small Business Edition

TimeClock Manager™

tree saplingTimeClock Plus Small Business Edition is designed for growing businesses like yours. The TimeClock Manager offers all the administrative functions an organization needs and can be accessed from almost any PC on your network, or even across multiple networks. Although this time clock manager is very robust, it still offers simple timekeeping for both management and employees. Employees can clock in and out using our On-Screen TimeClock™ from the convenience of their own PCs. Employees that don’t have access to a PC can use our Time Clocks (Remote Data Terminals) as an alternative means of time entry. Remote Data Terminals offer all of the functions of a standard time clock with the added functionality of many employee self-service features.

Your managers or supervisors will be given specific user rights within TimeClock Manager. You will be able to assign employees to specific managers as well as determine access to particular features of TimeClock Plus per user. For example, Sarah may have access to run reports but you only want her to run reports for her department. At the same time, Mark may have the ability to view employee hours but you don’t want him to be able to edit those hours. All those granular capabilities can be determined within the User List of TimeClock Manager.

The managers and supervisors in your organization have access to employee information to control labor costs and overtime within TimeClock Manager. Time tracking tools such as the “Who’s Here” list offers management a “real-time” snapshot of your company’s labor operations. TimeClock Plus Small Business Edition Manager provides the ability to add employees, edit hours and even transfer data to payroll through one of our interface modules.

Since TimeClock Plus Small Business Edition is a “real-time” application, employees can view their hours immediately and managers can have real time reporting. This gives supervisors access to up-to-the-minute employee labor information, saving your organization time and money. Installation is simple and the time clock manager software is easy to maintain and fits easily within your budget.

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