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      Manage Your Money

      Sage 50 Quantum Accounting is designed to be fully compliant with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), with features and checkpoints that provide the accuracy and security to run your business with peace of mind. Plus, it comes with analysis and reporting tools that give you insights that lead to ideas and innovation.

      Real, double-entry accounting for numbers that add up
      Double-entry accounting provides for accounts that are accurate and in balance. Sage 50 Quantum Accounting customers retain control over the bookkeeping process through the use of Accounting Periods and G/L Accounts, including accounting periods that can be locked so that the administrator can select who can edit transactions in prior periods.

      Audit trails to track user activity and deter fraud
      With the audit trail, Sage 50 Quantum Accounting can maintain a record of details associated with every transaction. Some of the information maintained in the audit trail includes who entered a transaction and when; who changed a transaction, when the change was made and what the change was; and who deleted a transaction and when. In addition, the audit trail tracks when each user logs on and off the system and what additions, changes, and deletions were made to master file information.

      Find accounting errors with up to 15 different checks of the data with the Internal Accounting Review
      Up to 15 checks of your data are performed by the Internal Accounting Review process in Sage 50 Quantum Accounting. These checks look for suspicious transactions and common accounting mistakes and give the user advice on correcting the transactions.

      Pay your bills electronically with Sage 50 Online Bill Pay
      Use a simple two-step process to pay your bills electronically. With this service, there's no need to write checks, stuff envelopes, apply postage, or copy invoices. Plus, you can improve cash flow management by scheduling the exact day when money is transferred from your account for more accurate payables processing and reconciling. And there is no limit on the number of vendors you can pay. Put down the checkbook and go back to running your business—it's a great way to save time, money…and trees!

      Sage 50 Quantum Accounting includes: 140+ standard reports, interactive job reporting, and Sage Business Intelligence. Customizable reports give you the data you need – the way you want it – to recognize opportunities, to steer your business and to help increase profitability. Output reports to email, Adobe or Excel.

      1 Multi User licenses available in packs of1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 40. A maximum of 40 licensed, named users is allowed. Only the first 40 named users selected in the user maintenance screen are considered licensed, named users.
      2 Sage 50 does not impose a hard limit on database capacity, however, individual performance will vary depending on actual number of transactions, database size, and number of concurrent users. Data management efficiencies are also realized in the Sage 50 Accounting 2013 products.
      3 Performance results are based on recommended system requirements for Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2013. Results may vary based on configuration, size and content of data file, system and network traffic.
      4 Includes access to 100MB of storage space for one year from date of installation. Upgrade to next Sage 50 release required to continue free yearly service beyond initial term. Subject to third party terms and conditions.

      Sage Business Intelligence A fully integrated reporting and analysis solution that supplements the reporting capability in Sage 50 to make it easy to create powerful, customized reports in the tool you already use – Microsoft® Excel®.

      Cash Flow Manager

      • Easily analyze and forecast your cash flow to know whether or not you will have enough cash to meet current and upcoming financial obligations.
      • Export cash flow forecasts into Microsoft Excel or run what-if analysis transactions to see how purchases will impact your cash flow.

      Multi-Year Reporting & Budgeting

      • Compare budgets and financial results across multiple years.
      • Improve trending analysis and more accurately forecast based on prior year activity.

      Customizable Dashboards

      • Create personalized navigation so you no longer have to wade through screens and menus you don't use.
      • Customize your dashboards to organize key, real-time information and access it easily. Customize the screens to only show things you do on a regular basis, like managing Aged Receivables, or Aged Payables, or Payroll and much more.
      • Quickly see who your most profitable customers are, what bills need to be paid, and what is owed to them.

      Manage Your Business

      Sage 50 Quantum Accounting offers helpful tools to optimize your business processes, manage resources, track projects, tasks, and time, and put your business in the best possible position for improved profitability and sustainable growth. And, if inventory is part of your business, you can count on Sage 50 Quantum to have your back with its powerful inventory and workflow management tools.

      Sage 50 Quantum Accounting helps you manage the delicate balance between too much inventory and not enough. The true cost of carrying inventory, such as storage, insurance and taxes, can have a significant impact on your business's profitability.

      Inventory Tracking and Replenishment

      • Create and track inventory items based on user defined attributes such as size, color, style, and more.
      • Maintain accurate Quantity on Hand information by reserving inventory requested on Purchase Orders and Sales Orders.
      • Automatically create purchase order to replenish inventory when inventory reaches a predetermined level. It's also possible to create purchase orders from sales orders and invoices.

      Inventory Pricing and Multiple Costing Methods

      • Establish up to 10 different, customizable price levels per item. It's easy to update prices by a specific dollar amount or percentage.
      • Apply a pricing change to a handful of items or everything in inventory. Apply price increases or decreases globally, rounding prices to a specific cent or dollar amount.
      • Choose among the Average, LIFO, FIFO, and Specific Unit inventory costing methods.

      Additional Inventory/Vendor Management features & benefits:

      • Serialized Item Tracking & Costing
      • Warranty Tracking
      • Quantity Discounting
      • Just-in-Time Purchasing Flexibility
      • Assembly History Tracking
      • Storing of additional inventory attributes
      • Commissionable Item Tracking
      • Drop Shipments
      • Master stock and sub item tracking
      • Work Ticket Tracking

      Job trackingThe Job and Project Management Center allows you to see the various components of a job from one convenient spot, and give you the complete job picture—from start to finish.

      • Quickly access frequently used job tasks on the intuitive dashboard
      • Track projects at the job level, job/phase or job/phase/cost code level
      • Format job IDs and cost codes with up to 20 alphanumeric characters
      • Track an unlimited number of user-definable cost and phase categories
      • Track estimated and actual schedule dates
      • Create unlimited user-definable job status codes with visual "stop light" indicators
      • Make notes and attach documents to your jobs
      • Closely track Change Orders and their approvals to make sure each job remains profitable
      • Track subcontractor insurance such as general liability and workman's comp.

      Flexible Billing and Job Costing Capabilities:

      • Track expense and revenue project totals by job, phase, and cost code by year, quarter, month, week, or specific accounting period
      • Track actual and committed job costs and revenues to always know job profitability throughout the project
      • Apply Labor Burden rates for employees at the Job or Company level
      • Progress Billing for % of Contract or % of Completion
      • Ability to withhold retainage1 per the contract terms

      Job Reporting Create reports on the fly using the interactive job reporting and output to Excel, Adobe PDF or email. Many job reports can be customized to your needs, such as, Retainage, Job Profitability, Job Ledger details, or Work in Progress.

      The Order Process Workflow system in Sage 50 Quantum Accounting keeps everyone informed in real time of all the details in your sales and purchase processes, so that anyone with approved access can instantly know where your order is, when it's due, who's handling it, or what the problem with it is. You can customize triggers, steps and statuses that are crucial to your company.

      • Keep track of all the moving parts of your order process so nothing gets missed and everything moves along as planned.
      • Notify the next person in the process with a status and specific notes as needed.
      • Have one centralized place to keep track of all the work involved in the process, or see just your own tasks.
      • Automatically send notifications to designated employees/customers/vendors once a task is completed.
      • My Inbox on My Dashboard monitors the status of a user's processes and transactions, and allows them to take action.

      Manage Your Employees and Customers

      Keeping track of and communicating with employees and customers is critical to your business. Sage 50 Quantum helps you nurture your relationships with these important people with tools that help you manage the financial side (payroll, quotes, invoices, etc.) and communications (email marketing, management centers, and security) with ease and confidence.

      Sage 50 Quantum Accounting can help you organize, automate, and synchronize customer-related business processes, as well as reduce the costs of marketing and customer service.

      Customer Management Center

      • Create a customizable dashboard view of your customers' information, such as converted and unconverted quotes, invoices, receipts, time tickets, aged balances, items and services sold, and more.
      • Save time by looking up customers quickly, based on their ID, phone number, or any of their contact information.
      • Easily export customer information to Microsoft Excel or PDF, or launch an email from the Customer Management Center.

      Disclaimers1 There is a maximum of 20 ship to addresses and 1 billing address per customer. Only 2 contacts per customer can be synced with Outlook.
      2 When opening more than one company, performance is not impacted, however, you will experience reduced product functionality in those companies opened after the first one.
      3 Internet access required. Must have a license for Sage ACT! 2009, 2010, or 2011.

      Employee Management/Payroll

      Save time and reduce errors by keeping track of your employee information in one place. Maintain detailed employee records, such as hiring data, demographic information, emergency contacts, performance reviews, and more.

      • Keep track of employee time – or have each employee track his/her own time – for payroll and job costing.
      • Track common employee benefits and deductions based on your company's needs for more reliable accounting.
      • Setup automated email alerts to be notified when important dates are coming up, such as I-9 reverification, performance reviews, or birthdays.
      • Manage payroll yourself from within Sage 50 Quantum Accounting or choose from payroll services that include print-n-sign tax forms, e-filing, direct deposit, and even full service outsourced payroll.1

      1 Subject to approval. Additional fees, Internet access and credit card required. Not Available with Sage 50 First Accounting.

      Security/Multi-user Management

      More users mean more security concerns. Sage 50 Quantum Accounting helps ensure security of your sensitive data, and lets you control which users have access to which data and features.

      Role Based Security Role-based security controls allow for screen-level and report group access control. Administrators can select from more than 100 specific areas to give Add, Edit, View-Only, or No Access rights to each user. You can even block access to key navigation screens.

      Multi-User Management

      • Accommodates 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 licensed, named users1
      • Optimized database capacity2
      • Send notifications to other users that they need to log out, or if necessary, manually log them out

      Speed and Performance SmartPosting is a Windows service that manages the posting of transactions independently of the client workstation. It saves times because you can continue to add and save transactions without having to wait for the posting to finish, plus it alerts you to errors or problems since the SmartPosting Manager monitors the state of the service running in the background.

      Automatic Backup Schedule your company's backup to run recurring and automatically during non-business hours.

      Sage Peachtree Online Backup Fast, secure, efficient backups of your financial data and other business critical files such as documents, Excel spreadsheets and email. Automatically schedule backups. Access your data from the Web on any computer.

      System Requirements: Sage 50—U.S. Edition 2021

      Products: Sage 50—U.S. Edition

      Country: North America

      Minimum requirements

      Note: Sage will continue to allow Sage 50 Accounting—U.S. Edition to be installed on computers with Windows 7 for the foreseeable, future, but some features may not work as designed in future updates. Beginning in March 2020, subsequent versions of Sage 50 Accounting—U.S. Edition will include a warning message when you attempt to install the product on a computer that is running an edition of Windows 7. However, the installation will be allowed to continue. See Article ID 103797: Will Sage 50 continue to support Windows 7 even though it is past its end of life?

      Minimum system requirements

      • 2.0 GHz processor for single user and multiple users
      • 4 GB of RAM for single user and multiple users
      • Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (version 1809 and higher) with the latest updates from Microsoft installed
      • 1 GB of disk space for installation
      • Installation of Internet Explorer 11.0 is required (version 11.0 and higher with Sage Payroll Solutions, Sage Payments Solutions and other Connected Services integration); Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (version 2020 and higher) web browsers are supported when accessing available Connected Services outside of the product
      • Microsoft®.NET Framework 4.7.2, including DirectX Dependency for .NET; requires an additional 280 MB to 850 MB
      • At least high-color (16-bit) SVGA video; Minimum Resolution: 1280x800, Preferred Resolution: 1440x900 or higher; small fonts/DPI settings required
      • All online features/services require Internet access

      Integration/compatibility requirements

      • Excel®, Outlook®, and Word integration requires Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019
      • Office 365 Integration – Requires Office 365 Business Premium or Enterprise Editions
      • Printers supported by Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
      • Adobe® Reader Acrobat


      • Multiuser environments are supported in Sage 50 Premium Accounting and higher
      • Multiuser mode is optimized for Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2 (requires installation of KB3118401, Windows Server 2016 and Windows 2019 client-server networks, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 peer to peer networks
      • A maximum of five licensed named users is allowed for Sage 50 Premium Accounting and up to 40 named users for Sage 50 Quantum Accounting; a named user account is granted a license when selected in the user maintenance screen
      • 2 GB of disk space for installation of components on server

      Terminal Services

      • Windows server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2 (requires installation of KB3118401),Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019 along with Remote Desktop Connection or Remote Desktop Web Connection client is required to run in a Windows Terminal Services environment; no more than 5 named users for Sage 50 Premium Accounting or up to 40 named users for Sage 50 Quantum Accounting
      • Terminal Server requires additional memory when more than one user is running under Windows Terminal Services
      • Customer registration and acceptance of License Agreement for Sage 50 Accounting software products


      Recommended configuration

      • 2.4 GHz processor (Intel Core i3 and higher) for single user and multiple users
      • 4 GB of RAM for single user and 8 GB and higher for multiple users

      July 15, 2020

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      BEG101 - Get Acquainted with Sage 50

      Online Session Using GoToMeeting

      Classes are held on most Thursday's from 3:30pm -4:30pm EST

      Total overview of Sage 50 menu tabs and dashboards to help you easily navigate through your Sage 50 software.

      Total overview topics include but not limited to:

      • Help Menus
      • Sage Advisor
      • Find Transaction
      • Audit Trail
      • Global Options

      Simplify your in-house payroll process with the perfect payroll companion to Sage 50.

      Help avoid costly compliance penalties, and take the worry out of paying your employees and the government with a Sage 50 Payroll Solution.

      Easy to use

      • Enter your employee information once and Sage 50 will calculate deductions and prepare paychecks to print from your PC - anytime you want or use the convenience of direct deposit*.

      Increase productivity

      • Save time and simplify your payroll process by relying on Sage to provide your tax updates, calculations, and print-and-sign tax forms right within Sage 50.
      • Prepare tax filings faster by using signature-ready forms. Over 260 federal and state forms are provided.

      Peace of Mind

      • Don't risk non-compliance and costly penalties. If you underpay taxes by more than 10%, the IRS may impose a penalty of 20% of the amount owed.
      • IRS penalties of up to 15% may apply if you do not make required 941 deposits on time or if you make deposits for less than the required amount. In addition to any penalties, interest accrues from the due date of the tax on any unpaid balance.

      Please Note:

      U.S. Department of the Treasury press release, tg-644. Treasury Goes Green, Saves, Green.

      *Additional fees apply for direct deposit

      E-filing (Option available at check out for $79.95)

      Add e-filing to your Sage 50 Payroll Solution and get convenience, peace of mind—and savings.

      • E-filing federal payroll tax deposits is mandatory—and as many as thirty four states now require e-filing as well. Stay in compliance with Sage 50 e-filing.
      • E-file quarterly and year-end payroll tax forms directly from your Sage 50 software instead of going to another website or your bank.
      • Set up text reminders for important deadlines on payroll, payroll forms, and agency payments—avoid missed filings and costly penalties.
      • What is E-filing?

        Instead of printing your federal and state payroll deposit forms, you can choose to file them electronically (e-file). The Sage 50 complete W-2 e-filing service conveniently processes your forms and distributes them to the appropriate taxing agencies, saving you time and ensuring you are in compliance with federal and state regulations.

      We would like to thank our fine customers like you who have kept us at the top! Without your support and repeat business, we would not have been able to maintain our Sage President's Circle ranking since 2011.

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