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Sage 50 Shipping Add-on

Sage Shipping Software Integration

Imagine a Sage Multi-Carrier Shipping Integration that consolidates UPS, FedEx, USPS, and LTL’s into one easy to use application screen.

If you currently are not integrating your shipping software with Sage then you know how much time your employees spend on duplicate data entry & also how much time your customer service spends on the phone with customers that want to get delivery information on their orders. Our Shipping Solution solves both of these problems and many more.

Our shipping software pulls the customer and order information from Sage 50, writes back carrier tracking information to Sage, and has the option to send advanced e-mail notification to your customers including package contents, & tracking numbers.

Sage Shipping Software Modules

Shipping Integration app screen

Update Sage Orders in Real Time as you ship

Ship from inside your Sage software

Shipping from inside Sage

Shipping Software API

Shipping Software API

Features include:

  • Shipping Add-on is certified by UPS, FedEx, & USPS.
  • Whether you ship 20 packages or 20,0000 packages, the software is scalable to fit your companies need.
  • Can be used from multiple workstations because the add-on is installed on your server or on a cloud server.
  • NO workstation license fees!
  • You can ship from multiple Sage Companies.
  • All international shipping documents are completed using Sage sales order information.
  • Choose shipping option within your Sage sales order.
  • You can use your existing carrier thermal printers/laser printers and scales.
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