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Paya Virtual Terminal

Customers want to pay in a variety of ways — onsite, online or using a mobile device

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By using cloud-based virtual terminals, Paya supports Europay, Mastercard® and Visa® (EMV) chip technology while also protecting merchants against the liability shift. While other solutions involve long transaction times and expensive card readers, Paya decreases average transaction times and offers affordable card readers. Paya’s Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) compliant Payment Processing Solution lets you easily manage multiple payment types and integrate with accounting, ERP and business management tools. With Paya, you can reach customers onsite, online and on mobile devices — anywhere they are.

Our secure and integrated payment processing systems include the following features:

• Accepts checks, Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments.
• Provides remote deposit and check reader functionality.
• Supports Card Not Present (CNP) keyed transactions as well as Card Present transactions.
• Uses a 100% browser-based POS.
• Supports Class A semi-integrated terminals (Verifone Vx520 DM, Verifone Vx680 GPRS, Verifone Vx805, Ingenico ICT220, Ingenico ICT250, Ingenico IWL250, Ingenico IPP220).
• Accepts check readers (Magtek Mini, Panini Ideal 2, RDM-EC7000i) and new hardware for in-house decryption of card data (IDTECH Augusta QC, IDTECH SecureMag).
• Provides financial back-end processes, such as settlement and automatic updates.
•Supports EMV payment devices (Equinox L5300, Augusta S, Ingenico IPP320, PAX S300).
•Enables recurring payments to increase customer satisfaction. Integrates with leading cart providers, including Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce, for secure and easy online shopping card payments.
•Enables accepting charitable donations online using the secure and cost-effective Donate Now solution.
•Accepts check readers (Magtek Mini, Panini Ideal 2, RDM-EC7000i) and new hardware for in-house decryption of card data (IDTECH Augusta QC, IDTECH SecureMag). •Transmits order information and other supplementary information.
•Level 3 customer service representatives are always available, 24/7.

With Paya Payment Processing Solutions, your business can see the following benefits:
•One-stop shop — a single place to go for your payment needs, offering multiple resources.
•Improved revenue — spend less time waiting and more time helping other customers, using rapid credit card processing that operates at the speed of business.
•Higher customer satisfaction — flexible payment options means customers can pay any way they’d like, which leads to satisfied customers.
•Seamless reporting — drive front-end sales while simultaneously reconciling back-end office reporting. •Automated processes — spend more time on other business priorities.
Improved cash flow — Easy access to funds, using integrated payment processing with convenient payment processing options and integrations.
•Increased productivity — decreased administration time with 100% browser-based POS, with no middleware or drivers required.
•Scalability — deliver an innovative customer experience using the scalable solutions with API technology.
•Embedded solutions — Robust suite of API’s that will embed payments into their existing platforms.

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