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Paya Mobile

Paya Mobile Payments – Secure,Convenient, Untethered Transactions

Your customers want to buy your products on the go. With Paya’s Mobile Payment Solutions, you are always ready to accept payments, regardless of where your business takes you — with anywhere, anytime, any way secure transactions.

Paya offers a cloud-based POS system using a virtual terminal that supports Europay, Mastercard® and Visa® (EMV) chip technology, and protects you against the liability shift. Our mobile payment system is quick and easy to set up so you can begin taking payments almost immediately. With Paya, you can take your POS system with you on themove — wherever your business takes you.

Paya’s Simple and Secure Mobile Payment Processing Solution
Paya makes it easy to go mobile. Simply make sure your device is running Android 4.4 (KitKat)/iOS 7 or higher, sign up for a Paya Mobile Payments Solution, and download and configure our app. We’ll ship you a dongle to attach to your mobile device, and then you’ll be ready to begin accepting payments on the go.

The Features You Need
Our secure and flexible mobile payment processing systems include:
•The ability to process payments from digital wallets like Apple Pay or Google Wallet.
•A mobile app for IoS and Android devices, as well as a chip card reader, which includes an audio jack and/or Bluetooth.
•A mobile application offering additional POS functionality, such as inventory management, tipping, tax rates and invoices (vendor-specific).
•The ability to integrate with third-party POS/apps using Software Development Kit (outside EMV certification scope).
•EMV-compliance, the latest security measures for customers with an embedded microchip in their tomorrow’s technology.

Make Managing Your Business Easier
With Paya’s Mobile payment solutions, your business can see the following benefits:
•Improved cash flow — enabling more customers to buy your product.
•Increased convenience — for you and your customers.
•Flexibility for your customers — regarding where and how they pay.
•Unlimited monthly credit card payments — so you don’t have to worry about the number of transactions you make.
•Reduced settlement time — within 48 hours, you’ll receive funds in your preferred bank account.
•Improved revenue — spend less time waiting and more time helping other customers, using rapid credit card processing that operates at the speed of business.
•Seamless integration — Drive front-end sales while simultaneously reconciling back-end office reporting.
•Head-to-Host encryption capability — with no dependence on third-parties.
•Reduced costs — with the elimination of recurring fees for third-party decryption.

Security is Paya’s Priority
With the growing problem of data breaches and fraud, your customers trust you with their financial data. Paya’s frictionless solutions platform gives merchants confidence that their business, and their customers’ data, is secure. We provide reliable service, with failsafe redundancy that ensures the system is up when you need it.

Our security protection is continually upgraded to exceed industry security standards:

•Hardware Encryption – Because EMV cannot prevent breaches due to exposure of card data, Paya offers a Head-to-Host solution using point-to-point encryption. By decrypting data at the Paya Gateway Level, your domain is not exposed to card data, which decreases your risk of breaches.

•Fraud Protection – By using gateway security and portfolio-level risk reporting, Paya both detects and prevents fraudulent payment transactions. To help you better understand fraud risks and patterns, we also provide comprehensive decline reports.

Some of the world’s largest processors trust Paya with their transaction business. With Paya’s frictionless solutions platform, you can be confident your business is secure.

Call Us Now For a Free Quote 304-233-2612

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