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Finally, there’s a Time & Attendance System that works for you-TimeClock Plus!

Introducing TimeClock Plus MobileClock 


TimeClock Plus MobileClock app provides employess with real time access to the time and attendance database through the convenience of their handheld devices. MobileClock enables self-service functions from Android or IOS devices.

Example of Mobile Timeclock
TimeClock Plus MobileClock

The TimeClock Plus Mobile Clock Kiosk is an additional option avaiable for the app. The MobileClock Kiosk allows multiple employees to perform clocking and self service using a single mobile device. This is a great way to repurpose an existing tablet!

Please contact us at phone: 304-233-2612 or email: for more information or to schedule a demo!

Other Time Collection Devices Include:

Remote Data Terminal graphical (RDTg) is perfect for employers who need an easy-to-use time clock. Once  an employee clocks in or out, punches are automatically recorded in the database for real-time viewing and reporting from a web browser or mobile app. Add clock features such as barcode, proximity, magnetic swipe, and biometric to increase data security.

Hand scanner picture
GT-400 hand scanner

The GT-400 hand scanner is designed for harsh environments and easily allows employees to clock in and out within seconds. Using the hand’s geometry, the biometric hand scanner confirms the employee’s identity without needing a fingerprint. 

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