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Enveloc Regulatory Compliance

Enveloc AICPA SOC Type 2 certified

Enveloc’s offsite data backup solutions provide powerful and cost-effective ways to satisfy a broad range of today’s mandatory compliance issues involving the storage and security of client records and data.

Compliant with regulatory mandates like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Graham-Leach Bliley, and FINRA & SEC requirements, Enveloc allows you to reduce IT expenses and get rid of difficult and unreliable tape backups by backing up your critical data to our secure, offsite and geographically distinct data centers.

Enveloc automatically protects your critical and confidential data by providing secure storage and restoration that eliminates the threat of human error, natural disaster or mechanical or software failure. Fully automated and encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption for uncompromised security, Enveloc offers a number of critical data storage benefits to ensure your data is safe, secure and regulatory compliant.

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