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Can’t load 1099 NEC forms in Sage 50

If you can’t load 1099 NEC forms in Sage 50, we can help. We were told to follow the KB 86720, but that is not necessary.

I had the same issue. In Sage 50, I went to the Employee Payroll Tab > Forms Button and clicked on 2020 1099NEC  They would not load. I was getting a message to import my files.  I knew that was not right.   When I looked at the Build in my software (Help Tab > About Sage 50…)   it was Build

To run the 1099 NEC forms thru Aatrix, I needed to be a Build I had already taken all of the updates, so when I checked for new updates I didn’t have any.

That is when someone told me I needed to run the KB86720 article, but before going down that road, I tried one more thing.

First I shut off the anti-virus.  Then I went to my Windows Explorer tab on my bottom tool bar, browsed to the Sage folder > Peachtree folder> Company folder> Upgrades folder, and clicked on the Tax 2021_Jan_Release2021 link.  I had run it before but now I decided to run it again.  I did not have to remove it I just reran it.  I did get a pop-up that said :

I chose YES and wrote over the forms.  When the update was complete, I opened Sage 50 and low and behold, I was now at  Build  I checked the 1099 NEC forms in Aatrix and they loaded beautifully.  I hope this help you run your 1099 NEC forms also.

If you are not running your 1099 NEC forms through Aatrix but you are running them through the vendor portion of the software, we have the 1099 NEC templates that you may purchase for only $25.00   They are PERFECT.  You just slide them into your FORMS  folder and you can run all of your 1099’s with ease.

Both solutions work with Sage 50 Pro, Sage 50 Premium and Sage 50 Quantum.  The Vendor tax forms work with any version of Peachtree or Sage 50.

Thanks for looking at our blog!!

Shirley Byard,


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