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How Sage 50 Cloud Works

As previously mentioned, anyone sharing data through Sage Drive must have Sage 50 installed on their computer. Additionally, each user must have a unique Sage ID for the Sage Drive Management Center. These are created by your designated Sage 50 Data Manager.

When you want to share the company file, you back up your data to prepare it for sending. The data is sent via the Sage Drive when beckoned by the accountant or another inhouse company user. It is like loading data in the "car" and driving it to the external user’s location. Once the data arrives, it is downloaded and opened for use. It is not stored in the cloud it travels through the cloud!

If the data is shared longer than 15 minutes, data changes will sync back to the home office computer. Once the company file is closed by the external user, the data is uploaded and returned via Sage Drive to the home office. The accountant and others can view and request the data only when the data owner has it is shared from the office computer. If the data owner does not wish to share, the data sharing may be paused or stopped. The data owner always has control.

As you can see, the data is NOT stored in the cloud, but may be sent through the cloud to an external authorized location with the use of the Sage Data Management center and Sage Drive powered by Amazon!

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