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Handheld Contact

Level-up your productivity with the mobile solution designed for Act! users.

Handheld Contact for Act! makes it simple to go mobile with the power to wirelessly access and manage your Act!™ Contacts, Calendar, Activities, and more right on your mobile device – even if you have no Internet connection.


Works With

HHC combined with Act! will help your productivity & accountability in a variety of ways:

  • Fast offline access to your contacts and calendar
  • Offline meeting reminders so you never miss an appointment or task
  • Call or email anyone in your database from one central source, and always have a History of your mobile communications
  • Caller ID-know who's calling before you answer
  • Export your HHC contacts to your device’s native address book for better Bluetooth access in the car
  • Configurable sync fields allow you up to fifty additional fields to sync from your Act! to your mobile device for unparalleled offline visibility on your critical customer data.
  • Speech-to-text for notes & Histories will save you time and effort.
  • A new "search" feature that allows mobile users to create look-ups with up to ten fields, and save them for user later
  • Use Handheld Contact to send email blasts to your look-ups (records these emails to contact History, as well)
  • The new Home screen provides on easy access to all HHC functions
  • User Interface (UI) enhancements to further replicate the Act! experience on the mobile
  • A new "Favorites" button that will allow users to quickly access the contacts they call the most, while preserving the Act! History tracking users have come to rely on.
  • Take photos and attach them a contact and sync it back to your database (release date may be a little later for this feature, but it's developed)

A Handheld Contact: One-Year Subscription works out to less than $7 per month!


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Handheld Contact
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The Handheld Contact Difference More than a mobile site or another basic sync app–Handheld Contact is an app you install on your mobile device that delivers an unrivaled Act! experience for real efficiency. Designed for you Handheld Contact is not limited in functionality by your mobile device's Internet browser or its built-in contact and calendar. Our secure, independent mobile apps give us complete control over the user experience. Caller ID Export contacts to the smartphone's native...

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