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One of the largest capital investments your company has is your investment in your property, plant, and equipment account. So when it comes to managing your business capital investment, you want to be sure you are doing it correctly!

Sage Fixed Assets solution provides the tools you need to manage your business capital investment.

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Why is business capital investment important?

Tracking assets is an important concern of every company. Fixed assets are defined as any "permanent" object that a business uses internally including, but not limited to, computers, tools, software, or office equipment. Organizations face a significant challenge to track the location, quantity, condition, maintenance and depreciation status of their fixed assets. For many organizations, fixed assets represent the largest item on the balance sheet. Organizations pay taxes and insurance based upon the fixed assets they have listed on the balance sheet. If the company has not correctly recorded their assets they could be over/underpaying taxes, insurance and be out of compliance of state and federal regulations.

How Sage Fixed Assets can help:

Sage Fixed Assets solutions help eliminate redundant data entry, increase accuracy, and reduce costs while guarding against regulatory noncompliance. By combining over 300,000 IRS tax and GAAP rules as well as more than 50 depreciation methods and an intuitive interface, Sage Fixed Assets delivers the most complete fixed asset management solution available, with comprehensive depreciation calculations for financial and tax reporting, asset inventory tracking and reconciliation, construction-in-progress management, and customized reporting, so companies can effectively manage every step of the fixed asset life cycle -from acquisition to disposal.

Fixed Asset Management Cycle

Fixed Asset Management Cycle

Sage Fixed Assets Has a Solution!

Sage Fixed Assets Has a Solution!

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