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Electronic Vendor Payments by ACOM

Paying your invoice has never been easier!

If you write 200 or more checks per month, Acom epayables will save you time & money.

Completely Automated Business Payments!

  • Gain real-time access to the status and approvals of payments 24/7, and receive all payment details for easy tracking, research, and reconciliation.
  • Real-time control of your cash: Manage, modify and control all of your disbursement transactions from an intuitive web-based dashboard.
  • Painless to implement because ACOM does all the work for you, including on-boarding your vendor community to electronic payments.
  • ACOM handles everything, and your cost to process payments becomes zero!

Simplify your payment processing

Eliminate 100% of paper checks and all of your payment processing costs. No printing, stuffing, mailing, or signing a check. No more need to manage vendor data, accepting payment types and reconciliation. We accommodate their payment needs via check, ACH, cards or any type of domestic or global payment and we continue to work with them on adopting electronic payment methods to further reduce costs and increase efficiency.

payment hub

Paperless Payment Hub

There are multiple ways to pay vendors, and ACOM manages them all from one Intelligent Payment Hub. You can manage all payment types: checks, cards, ACH, wire transfers and more.

Vendor Transition Services

ACOM payment professionals manage the transition of your vendor community from paper to ePayments with a complete communications & enrollment program.

help desk

Payment Help Desk

We obtain ePayment agreements, all the approvals and required documents. We also provide ongoing vendor support.......all part of the service at no cost to you!


About ACOM:
ACOM develops and delivers Intelligent Accounts Payable Solutions that help organizations process and pay their vendor/supplier disbursements electronically. Clients choose us for our sophisticated payment technology and how it improves the way they manage the volume of challenges their accounts payable departments face each day.

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