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The state of WV requires the collection of sales tax for all services rendered. A 6% sales tax has been added to the cost of your service.

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 Each company you plan on using in your new program must be converted. Please select the amount of companies that need converted below.

Failure to select the correct amount of companies will delay conversion process!

The state of WV requires sales tax be collected on services rendered. Prices on  website for conversion include sales tax.

Price: Starting at $206.70
    Data Conversion:

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    How the Peachtree Sage 50 Conversion Process Works

    First, you will send us your company file using our secure Hightail link. Once we receive the data, we will drive it into a 2006 version of Sage 50. Then, the data will automatically move up to the latest version. (This process could take 6-10 hours). Finally, we will send the converted data back to you. If you desire, we will remote in and install the data on your system.

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