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You don't have to be a big box store to offer gift cards!

gift cards

A gift card program for small business is easier than ever to implement.

Merchant Benefits
There are many benefits of launching and promoting a gift card program. Depending on the type of business, individual results
may vary depending on the level of promotion and marketing to the customers.

Statistics and Benefits
Some of the many benefits of launching a Gift Card program:
• Increase sales and cash flow for the business
• Promotes impulse purchasing and additional sales
• Improves brand awareness within the community
• Provides real time web based tracking and reporting
• Security features to reduce fraud and duplicate usage
• Easy reconciliation and reporting systems to save time
• Fast transactions and ease of use at the point of sale
• Always know how much money is outstanding and what types of activity was processed
• Ability to issue gift cards in any dollar amount
• Cards can be re-used and recycled through the system
• You can issue, redeem or balance inquiry cards instantly through a terminal or online system
• Easily assign user privileges for all employees within a location

Simplify with easy adoption

Our gift and loyalty programs are compatible with most credit card and POS terminals, and offer 24/7 access to online reporting. Choose from over 20 predesigned gift card options or create your own.

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