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Are you ready to make payroll hassle free?

Direct Deposit Is Now More Affordable For Small Business Owners!

Sage Direct Deposit Setup Fee: $75.00 (may be waived)

Base Fee: $5.00 per payroll

Direct Deposit Transactions-Weekly Payday:

1-15 Deposits $1.30 Per Deposit

16-50 Deposits $0.90 Per Deposit

51 + Deposits $0.85 Per Deposit

Direct Deposit Transactions-Other Frequency:

1-15 Deposits $1.60 Per Deposit

16-50 Deposits $1.10 Per Deposit

51 + Deposits $0.85 Per Deposit

* If employees are allowed to split their accounts (ex. between savings and checking), each account is considered a transaction.

Employer Benefits

  • Sage 50 Direct Deposit is easy to setup!
  • No more costly stop payments and reissued checks.
  • No uncashed checks to track.
  • No lost employee work time spent cashing or depositing checks.
  • Easier to pay employees off-site, on vacation, or away on business.
  • Saves time preparing and sending electronic file.
  • Save money printing less checks and using less ink.

Employee Benefits

  • No more lost or stolen paychecks
  • No more trips to the bank on payday.
  • Instant access to funds.
  • Automatic deposits into one or more accounts.
  • Split deposits into multiple accounts.
  • Reduce printed checks by offering an environmentally friendly option.

Are You Ready To Make Paydays Hassle Free? Contact us for an application: Call: 304-233-2612 or email: scbyard@gmail.com
Getting Started.pdf Click here for Employee Direct Deposit Authorization Form

**Compatible with Sage 50 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

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