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We want to take your customer satisfaction to the next level by offering Best Business Strategies Act! Certified Consultant Support!

What's the difference between Swiftpage/Act! Technical Support and Best Business Strategies Act! Certified Consultant Support?

Swiftpage/Act! will help you with general tech support and "how-to" support with features. They will not work with you in setting up your database to your specific requests or needs. SEE SCOPE OF SUPPORT

Best Business Strategies will provide solutions and tech support to help improve your performance, service, quality and realize your CRM potential! We will work with you to meet your specific needs including customized work such as layouts, database fields/setup, templates and reports.Working with us directly helps us know your system and business which allows us to find better ways to meet your needs and increase your efficiency.


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What is an Act Certified Consultant?

ACT! Certified Consultants (ACC) are an exclusive group of independent, trained, and authorized professionals who specialize in helping you implement Sage ACT! to run your business better.

From initial set-up to customization for your specific needs, I have the expertise, experience, and passion to get you up and running effectively—and keep you running smoothly.


Allen. C. Byard
- Act! Certified Consultant

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