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Sage 50 US

Sage 50 Link For Act! Intro

Finally Working Together

Take your Business to the Next Level of Efficiency with Sage Act! database! Link your Act! customer database software and Sage 50 (US Version Only) applications together. Eliminate double-entry and make your Act! Users more productive. DO MORE WITH Sage Act! Database!

Features Include:

-Link Records between Act! customer database software and Sage 50
-Synchronize Contact field updates between Act! and Sage 50
-Create Sage 50 Customers from Records in Act!
-Convert Act! Opportunities to Sage 50 Link for Act! Transactions
-Sage 50 Link for Act! Item List syncs to Act! Product List
-View Sage 50 Sales Transactions in Act!
-View the last 5 Years of Sales Totals in Act!
-View Past Due Balance information and Last
-Invoice Date in Act!
-Data resides in Act! fields so your users won’t
need access to Sage 50 Link for Act! to view Sales Data in Act!
-All Data Synchronizes out to Act! Remote Databases

(Sage 50 Link Features Video-Click Here)

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sage 50 link for act feature chart

- ACT! 2013 (v15) Pro or Premium
- ACT! V16 (2014) Pro or Premium
- ACT! V17 (2015) Pro or Premium

Sage 50 (Peachtree)
- Sage 50 version 2014 Complete, Premium and Quantum (formerly Peachtree)
- Sage 50 version 2015 Complete, Premium and Quantum
Note - Not designed to work with Web Clients of ACT! and Sage 50

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